Sample Curriculum Maps

Published: 11/15/2012 11:05 AM

Have you ever wondered how to pace your year to ensure that you cover all the standards within your grade-level content and subject? Many districts and schools across the Commonwealth are developing curriculum maps as tools to organize teaching.


​Curriculum maps offer a sequence for delivering content and provide a clear scope for what must be taught to all students, based on Kentucky's curriculum documents.
Curriculum maps can be aligned both horizontally and vertically, organizing content, skills, assessments, and resources over time. A curriculum map can also serve as a tool for collecting data about the implemented curriculum in a school and in a district—the instruction that students are experiencing. By mapping what's actually taught and when it's taught, teachers produce data that can be used with assessment data to make modifications in instruction (Educational Leadership, December 2003/January 2004).
Since curriculum decisions are made at the local level, we are including models only to assist schools with their curriculum work. The curriculum maps included on this Web site show a variety of approaches to curriculum mapping. All maps included on this page have a description of the process the district/school used to develop and implement their curriculum map as well as contact information. Additionally, some of the curriculum maps include a place to add activities and/or resources. In classrooms that include students identified as having limited English proficiency (LEP), the following resource may be helpful when thinking of classroom practices/activities: English Language Proficiency Standards for Kentucky Schools Instructional Companion.
Please note that all information on this page is continually being revised and updated. Wherever possible, the maps include links to standards-based units of study.

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