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Published: 7/31/2013 10:23 AM


The system of Leadership Networks in Kentucky has been designed to support the quality implementation of the requirements set forth in Senate Bill 1 (2009).


​Specifically, the networks are intended to build the capacity of each district in the Commonwealth as they implement Kentucky’s new Core Academic Standards, develop assessment literacy among all educators, and work toward ensuring that every student is college and career ready. To that end, the vision for these networks is: Every school district in the Commonwealth of Kentucky has a knowledgeable and cohesive leadership team that guides the professional learning and practice of all administrators, teachers, and staff so that every student experiences highly effective teaching, learning, and assessment practices in every classroom, every day. (Result: Proficient and Prepared for Success!)
Participants in each of the Leadership Networks have a responsibility to:
  • collaborate with other leaders throughout the region to hone practice/knowledge, and
  • work collaboratively within the district to scale up highly effective practices in every classroom.
Four major components form the foundation of every Leadership Network in the state. Those components are:
  • Kentucky’s Core Academic Standards (KCAS)
  • Assessment Literacy (utilizing the Classroom Assessment for Student Learning [CASL] text)
  • Characteristics of Highly Effective Teaching and Learning (CHETL) including: Classroom Climate, Classroom Assessment and Reflection, Instructional Rigor and Student Engagement, Instructional Relevance, and Knowledge of Content
  • Leadership (around the above components, for scaling up)
Leaders in each of the networks will be working on the following goal, relative to their particular role:
Understand how to translate Kentucky’s Core Academic Standards into clear learning targets in order to design high quality formative and summative assessments and to plan/select rigorous and congruent learning experiences.
“Deconstructed,” that goal produces the following ‘targets’ for the network participants:

  • Know and explain: KCAS, learning targets, formative assessment, summative assessment, learning experiences

  • Interpret each standard expected to be taught in terms of the expected depth and breadth. This means the interpretation of the meaning of the standard is consistent among educators.

  • Deconstruct standards into learning targets that students understand. This means writing them in language that is consistent with students’ developmental level so that students can use them to self-assess their competencies.


CASL in KY Common Message #1
CASL in KY common message 1.pdfCASL in KY common message 1.pdf 

CASL in KY Common Message #2
CASL in KY common message 2.pdfCASL in KY common message 2.pdf

CASL in KY Common Message #3
CASL in KY Common Message 3.pdfCASL in KY Common Message 3.pdf

Deconstructing Standards Flowchart

  • Produce aligned formative assessments, summative assessments and learning experiences for the targets developed from the standards. This means developing the ability to create, select, and implement congruent items and experiences


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