Standards-Based Unit of Study - Moving Towards a Healthier Heart

Published: 9/28/2012 1:28 PM

Intermediate Grade Level


Overview: You will learn how physical activity affects your cardiovascular health. You will then assess your current physical fitness level and identify areas to improve upon. At the end of this unit, you will develop a personal fitness portfolio that includes your current fitness status, a plan for improvement, and a plan to monitor your improvement.
Major Focus
Academic Expectations:

2.31 Students demonstrate the knowledge and skills they need to remain physically healthy and to accept responsibility for their own physical

2.34 Students perform physical movement skills effectively in a variety of settings.

2.35 Students demonstrate the knowledge and skills that promote physical activity and involvement in physical activity throughout their lives.
Essential Content:
  • Benefits of regular physical activity
  • Aerobic endurance, muscle strength and endurance, and flexibility
  • Benefits of participating in school and community recreational and competitive activities
  • Exercise to improve strength, fitness, and wellness
  • Pulse rate monitoring
  • Positive and negative consequences of choices and actions
  • Decision-making strategies
  • Individual improvement through practice
  • Health-related fitness
  • Benefits of different types of exercise
  • Body changes that occur during physical activity
  • Physical fitness is based on an investment of time and effort
Moving towards a healthier heart
Essential Questions:
  • Why is physical activity important to my cardiovascular health?
  • How do I determine my current fitness level?
  • What would I need to do to improve my current fitness level?
Culminating Project
You will develop and use a personal, physical activity portfolio. For this portfolio, you will develop one of the following: brochure, flier, poster, song, poem, video, PowerPoint presentation, news article, chart, and/or graph that demonstrate your knowledge of how physical activity impacts your cardiovascular health. Your physical activity portfolio will include all the completed products from the instructional plans.
Moving Towards a Healthier Heart
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Resource List
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