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Published: 10/1/2012 11:04 AM
Welcome to Teaching Tools! We've designed Teaching Tools to provide teachers, schools and districts with a Web-based community of learning. This is where you can share standards-based resources as you strive to move your students to proficiency and beyond.
Teaching Tools is a result of data and feedback from educators and educational partners throughout Kentucky.

Literacy Without Limits: Help for Struggling Students, Grades 4-12
Produced in partnership with Kentucky Educational Television, this DVD-ROM resource showcases strategies that content area teachers can use to help students who struggle with literacy. It features 90+ video clips shot in classrooms across Kentucky. Literacy Without Limits is thorough, accessible, and useful for 4-12 teachers in multiple subjects and classroom settings. KDE is providing a free copy of this resource to every public school in the state.

Educational Planning and Assessment System (EPAS) College Readiness Standards and Program of Studies Standards Alignment
In July 2006, Senate Bill 130 was passed by the Kentucky legislature. The bill amended KRS 158.6453 to include the provision that “no later than the 2007-2008 school year, and each year thereafter” the Commonwealth’s assessment program shall include a high school readiness examination in grade 8, a college readiness examination in grade 10 and the ACT college admissions and placement examination in grade 11. These three examinations — EXPLORE, PLAN and ACT — comprise the Educational Planning and Assessment System (EPAS).

  • Kentucky’s Guide to Reflective Classroom Practice

    Purpose/Background - Kentucky’s Guide to Reflective Classroom Practice was produced by the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) in an effort to assist teachers in reflecting on and guiding the growth of their own classroom practice.


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