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Published: 8/14/2013 8:27 AM
  • Beyond Proficiency @ your library

    Beyond Proficiency @ your library® is a web-based tool to guide Kentucky school media librarians, school administrators and SBDM councils in creating and maintaining effective library media programs for the 21st century. This set of guidelines from the Kentucky Department of Education aligns with national library standards and provides a framework for the effective management of a quality school library media program.


  • Certification in Kentucky – Library Media

    Several Kentucky universities offer programs in school media librarian certification. Visit the websites of each school for specific details about programs they offer.


  • Citation and Plagiarism - Library Media

    According to the American Association of School Librarians’ Standards for the 21st-Century Learner, “Ethical behavior in the use of information must be taught. In this increasingly global world of information, students must be taught to seek diverse perspectives, gather and use information ethically, and use social tools responsibly and safely.”


  • Collection Development - Library Media

    A collection development plan generally begins with a needs assessment that may include an inventory of available library media materials, an alignment of available materials to the state standards and teacher input on curricular needs. The collection development plan generally includes strategies for selecting, evaluating, purchasing, processing, and weeding materials.


  • Copyright Issues - Library Media

    Copyright laws, guidelines, and policy impact all school staff and students. Publishers and owners of copyright are increasingly watchful for infringements. Educators' behavior with regard to copyrights sends a clear message to students.


  • Flexible Scheduling - Library Media

    Access to the library media center allows the use of the library media center at the "point of need" by individuals, groups, and/or classes through mutual planning by the library media specialist and the classroom teacher to integrate information literacy skills and literature into the classroom curriculum. Students and teachers must be able to come to the center throughout the day to use information sources, to read for pleasure, and to meet and work with other students and teachers.


  • Kentucky School Library Media News

    The official Library Media Newsletter for Kentucky Public schools.
  • Library Media Professional Organizations

    Professional library media organizations encourage and offer opportunities for professional growth, participation in professional activities, and cooperation/collaboration with other educators.


  • Library Media Program Research

    The school library media center is regarded as the hub of the school community and integral to teaching and learning. By providing teachers and students with a full range of print and electronic resources to support learning, the school library media center impacts student achievement.


  • Online Discussion Lists of Interest - Library Media

    Participation in a network of school library media specialists locally or nationally enables a library media specialist to stay current, discuss issues, and ask questions electronically. KYLMS is specific to library media specialists in Kentucky.


  • Reading Programs - Library Media

    Library media specialists are in a unique position that allows them to play a vital role in promoting the importance of reading among all learners. The Kentucky Bluegrass Award and Read Across America are two reading programs the library media specialist may want to offer to students.


  • Summer Reading

    The Kentucky Department of Education encourages all students to read during the summer by participating in Kentucky’s Summer Reading Programs at local Kentucky public libraries. Click here to find out more about programs sponsored by a library in your area.

  • Web Resources - Library Media

    Selected Internet sites that library media specialists may find useful.


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