A KDE-KRA Joint Position Statement on Literacy Plans for KY Schools - 2010

Published: 10/26/2012 10:08 AM

Literacy is the “foundation upon which academic learning and successful student performance depends” (Meltzer & Ziemba, 2006). Literate students are ones who know how to use reading, writing, listening and viewing, speaking and presenting, and critical thinking skills “to learn content … [to] use those skills to communicate what he or she has learned … [and to] transfer that learning to other situations” (Meltzer & Ziemba, 2006).


​In order for schools to develop students who are literate, improvement must be a continuous goal led by the principal and a literacy leadership team. This report establishes the importance of literacy planning as a key component of school improvement efforts.

Literacy Plans for Kentucky Schools
Literacy Plans for Kentucky Schools.pdf

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