Integrated Strategy Districts

Published: 12/10/2014 3:26 PM

These resources are for the Integrated Strategy pilot districts for use with district leadership and teachers and include information of Literacy & Mathematics Design Collaborative work as well as the Teacher Professional Growth and Effectiveness System.


Integrated Strategy Newsletters
Integrated Strategy Newsletter March 2014.pdf
Integrated Strategy Newsletter Dec 2013
Integrated Strategy Newsletter Sept 2013.pdf
Integrated Strategy Newsletter April 2013.pdf
Integrated Strategy Newsletter January 2013.pdf
Integrated Strategy Newsletter October 2012.pdf

Integrated Strategy Newsletter July 2012.pdf

Integrated Strategy Newsletter March 2012.pdf
Integrated Strategy Newsletter January 2012.pdf

ELA Networks Partnership Work
Dec 1_2 KY Launch.pptDec 1_2 KY Launch.ppt
Writers Notebook Thiebes Econ.docWriters Notebook Thiebes Econ.doc
Revisiting the LDC Framework - KY scale.pptRevisiting the LDC Framework - KY scale.ppt
Brief Rubric Deconstruction.docBrief Rubric Deconstruction.doc
Tony Wagner Education Leadership.pdf
Student Work Samples (Zip File)
LDC TemplateTasks

Three Modes of Writing KCAS.pdf
The 120 Guidebook to LDC.pdf
LDC Informational Explanatory Module Template 2011-12.docLDC Informational Explanatory Module Template
LDC What is a Great Teaching Task.docLDC What is a Great Teaching Task.doc
LDC Module CheckList and Rubric revJan11.docLDC Module Check List and Rubric​
Jurying Field Test Version.docJurying Field Test Version.doc

October 2012 Training Materials
7th grade module- shortened form.docx7th grade module- shortened form.docx
Agenda-October 2012.docAgenda-October 2012.doc
Exit Slip.docExit Slip.doc
LDC Implementation Plan.docxLDC Implementation Plan.docx
Self Reflection.docxSelf Reflection.docx
Slides for Kentucky.pptxSlides for Kentucky.pptx
Worksheet -Collaborative Problem Solving .docxWorksheet -Collaborative Problem Solving .docx
Worksheet Review.docxWorksheet Review.docx
Year-Long Plan.docxYear-Long Plan.docx

February 2-3, 2012 Training
ELA Informational Tasks 1.docELA Informational Tasks 1.doc
Elementary Informational Ladder.docElementary Informational Ladder.doc
Elementary Informational Model 2.docElementary Informational Model 2.doc
February Scaling PPT.pptFebruary Scaling PPT.ppt
RFA Report Conditions that Support LDC Sept 2011.pdf
5-1.1 Skill Ladder Slides.ppt5-1.1 Skill Ladder Slides.ppt
Thinking Critically about Template Tasks Woosley Dec 7.docThinking Critically about Template Tasks Woosley Dec 7.doc

Thinking Critically about Template Tasks Information
Thinking Critically about Template Tasks 9-19-12.docThinking Critically about Template Tasks 9-19-12.doc

Integration Grant Materials
Progress Monitoring Tool
LDC Letter Issue 2 - June 2012.pdf
LDC Letter Issue 1 - May 2012.pdf
Launch Meeting Agenda Sept 29.pdf
September 29th Kickoff PowerPoint.pptSeptember 29th Kickoff PowerPoint.ppt
An Introduction to the Literacy Design Collaborative PowerPoint.pptAn Introduction to the Literacy Design Collaborative PowerPoint.ppt
KY Integration-Cantrell-September 29 2011 PowerPoint.pptKY Integration-Cantrell-September 29 2011 PowerPoint.ppt

Videos of Sept 29 Integration Meeting
Literacy Design Collaborative Video
Mathematics Design Collaborative Video
Measures of Effective Teaching Video



















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