Kentucky Cognitive Literacy Model

Published: 11/24/2014 12:49 PM

The Kentucky Cognitive Literacy Model (KCLM) is a project-based approach to instruction which can be used as a single class intervention for struggling adolescent students or as a school-based model for engaging and meeting the needs of all learners. The model is based on the following four critical components:


 ​Student engagement and motivation

  1. Strategic processing of content
  2. Research-based instructional strategies
  3. Explicit teaching of communication skills



The model is designed to synthesize many components of research-based instruction, including writing to learn, to demonstrate learning, and for authentic purposes; using balanced, authentic assessments; using diagnostic testing to help teachers match teaching tools with student needs, facilitating quality text-based discussions and teaching content vocabulary through research-based methods.

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Kentucky Cognitive Literacy Model
KCLM Weekly Implementation Record
Below are the Training Modules
Building a Community of Learners Training Module
Data Analysis and Foundational Reading Training Module

Handout 3 - Tween Tribune Rabbit article

Progress Monitoring Training Module
Progress Monitoring tmplt.pptProgress Monitoring tmplt.ppt

Project Based Learning Training Module
Project Based Learning.pptProject Based Learning.ppt

Reading Strategies Training Module
Reading Strategies.pptReading Strategies.ppt

Text-Centered Discussion Training Module

Handout 1 - Question and Discussion

Handout 2 - Discussion Webs

Vocabulary Training Module

Handout 1 - Vocabulary

Handout 2 - Marzano's Six Steps Flip Book

Writing to Learn Training Module
Writing to Learn tmplt.pptWriting to Learn tmplt.ppt

KCLM Summer Academy
KCLM Summer Academy.pptKCLM Summer Academy.ppt

Teaching Tools for Comprehension and Vocabulary
Teaching Tools for Comprehension and Vocabulary.ppt

Handout 1 - Anticipation Guide

Handout 2 - Double Entry Journal

Handout 3 - Notetaking Using Both Sides of the Brain

Handout 4 - Rate Your Knowledge

Handout 5 - Summary Frames

Handout 6 - TV Improves Behavior

Handout 7 - Vocabulary Rating 


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