Kentucky Literacy Plan

Published: 2/11/2013 12:27 PM

As a part of the federal Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy planning grant, the Kentucky Department of Education is developing a state literacy plan. The Kentucky Literacy Partnership was established in 1999 to coordinate Statewide literacy efforts among the public and community entities that share an interest in improving the reading and literacy skills of children and adults throughout Kentucky.


The Partnership developed a literacy plan that has been the foundation for the State‘s work in literacy. Additionally, in 2007 Kentucky created an adolescent literacy task force that established recommendations relating to teacher certification, professional development, instructional resources, data-informed decision making, and support structures to improve adolescent literacy. To expand this work and to meet the needs of all students, in 2010 Kentucky developed a new State Literacy Team (SLT).
The SLT‘s responsibilities include: defining an integrated and Comprehensive State Literacy Plan; identifying needs, trends, and issues in schools relating to other literacy grant programs; making recommendations regarding a comprehensive district approach to literacy planning, and advising the SEA on ways to assist districts and collect data relating to the implementation of the plan.
Literacy Central
The information and resources in Literacy Central are designed to provide, in one location, guidance to educators on the development, implementation and monitoring of literacy plans. The information is organized by the Essential Elements of Literacy Program Effectiveness Review for Kentucky Schools (Literacy PERKS); these Elements are: Literacy Team & Plan, Aligned Curriculum, Instruction & Interventions, Professional Learning, Multiple Assessments, Literate Environment, Partnerships.

Within the website, educators can find planning guidance, videos, professional learning modules with facilitators’ guides, information organized by age/grade spans, and other resources for teachers to use in planning for meeting students’ learning needs.

Professional Learning Plan
In response to KRS 158.6451 (Senate Bill 163, 2010), the Kentucky Department of Education has designed professional learning resources to help schools work through the process of building and evaluating a high-impact professional learning plan. The High-Impact Professional Learning Plan includes internal feedback tools for schools to use throughout the professional learning (PL) process to monitor the effectiveness of the PL experience and make necessary adjustments. Click Here to see more.
Kentucky Literacy Team Members
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Literacy Plan for Kentucky - A Guide for Communities, Districts and Schools
Literacy Plan For Kentucky.pdfLiteracy Plan For Kentucky.pdf
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