Literacy PERKS Professional Development

Published: 7/30/2013 2:42 PM

Literacy PERKS is designed for use by school, district, and state-level reviewers.


​At the school level, the best use of Literacy PERKS occurs when a literacy team is formed and members conduct an initial review of the school’s approach and programs in literacy. Following the review, literacy team members should compile findings and results to develop a school wide literacy plan. Additional resources include an accompanying Literacy PERKS Booklet that guides The Literacy Team (see section seven in the Booklet) in developing a needs-driven school/district Literacy Plan (see standard nine in the Booklet).

Additionally, professional development modules have been designed around the Literacy PERKS standards and indicators to provide further support, resources and tools for schools and districts to complete an effective Literacy Plan.
Each professional development module contains a PowerPoint for the PERKS standard and a PDF file of resources to accompany the module. The first module focuses on standards 7 & 9, Literacy Teams and Plans, and should be used first as an introduction and overview. Each module is designed to fit into a 50-60 minute session, which can be adapted and used to meet each school’s professional development needs.
Standard Three Instruction & Targeted Interventio
Standard 3-Facilitator Guide - Word
Standard 3-Facilitator Guide - PDF
PowerPoint PDF

   3-1 Word
   3-1 PDF
   3-2 Word
   3-2 PDF
   3-3 Word
   3-3 PDF
   3-4 Word
   3-4 PDF
   3-5 Word
   3-5 PDF
   3-6 Word
   3-6 PDF

Standard Four Literate Environmen

Standard 4-Facilitator Guide - Word
Standard 4-Facilitator Guide - PDF


Standard Five Partnership
Standard 5-Facilitator Guide – Word
Standard 5-Facilitator Guide - PDF

   Standard 5 Graphic Organizer
   5-2 Word
   Family Engagement Resources

Standard Six Professional Development
Standard 6-Facilitator Guide – Word
Standard 6-Facilitator Guide - PDF

   6-1 Word
   6-1 PDF

   6-2 Word
   6-2 PDF
   6-3 Word
   6-3 PDF

   6-4 Word
   6-4 PDF
   6-5 Word
   6-5 PDF
   6-6 Word
   6-6 PDF
   6-7 Word
   6-7 PDF

Complete Facilitator’s Guid

Complete Facilitator Guide - Word
Complete Facilitator Guide - PDF
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