Professional Learning Plan

Published: 11/5/2012 1:34 PM

In response to KRS 158.6451 (Senate Bill 163, 2010), the Kentucky Department of Education has designed professional learning resources to help schools work through the process of building and evaluating a high-impact professional learning plan.


​The High-Impact Professional Learning Plan includes internal feedback tools for schools to use throughout the professional learning (PL) process to monitor the effectiveness of the PL experience and make necessary adjustments.



Cover Page
Describes purposes for each Professional Learning document
Building a High Quality Literacy Professional Learning Plan
A document designed to guide schools through the process of developing a professional learning plan that will enhance instruction
A Guide for Evaluating the Impact of Professional Development
A Guide for Evaluating the Impact of Professional Learning – a process guide (to be used in conjunction with the three feedback tools)
Professional Learning Reflections tool # 1
Professional Learning Reflections – a reflection resource to capture  initial reactions
Professional Learning Reflections and Follow-up Tool # 2
An early impact monitoring tool
Professional Learning Outcome Reflections Tool # 3
A long-term impact tool


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