Writing Planning Guidance - Developing a Schoolwide Writing Plan

Published: 11/5/2012 2:45 PM

This guidance document is designed to help schools develop, implement and monitor school writing plans.  It offers questions to consider in reflecting on the curriculum, instruction, assessments and supports that will ensure students’ literacy needs are met related to writing and communication skills.  School literacy teams, district literacy leadership and SBDM councils are among the audiences who may find this information beneficial as they implement or revise plans and policies.


Writing Planning Guidance: Developing a Schoolwide Writing Plan
This activity is designed to:
  • To familiarize readers with the document, Developing a Schoolwide Writing Plan
  • To spark discussion about the various roles and needs for successful implementation of a schoolwide writing plan

This PowerPoint accompanies both the Developing a Schoolwide Writing Plan and the associated professional learning activity. The goals of the PowerPoint include helping both leadership and staff understand the implications of Senate Bill 1 relative to writing, learning what can be done during the interim to support schools in planning for future accountability, and understanding the support resources available.
SBDM Writing Policies PowerPoint from Oct 2009 WebEx
The KDE Office of Leadership and School Improvement and Office of Teaching and Learning staff conducted a WebEx in Oct 2009 on writing policies for SBDM coordinators and their invited guests related to SBDM writing policies and school writing plans. The PowerPoint used in this training is archived here.
KRS 158.6451 (SB 1) requires that each SBDM, or a committee appointed by the principal if there is no SBDM, adopt policies that determine the writing program for its school. It also requires that the policies address:
  • Grading procedures and feedback to students regarding their writing and communication skills;
  • Students’ communication skills;
  • The responsibility for review of the portfolios and feedback to students;
  • And other policies to improve the quality of an individual student’s writing and communication skills.

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