Writing Policy Guidance

Published: 11/5/2012 2:49 PM

This set of resources is designed to provide school councils and literacy teams guidance in developing their school writing policy and plan. It includes an overview of the requirements of Senate Bill 1 related to writing and provides recommendations to teams as they develop their writing plan and policy to support their writing program.

Resources include a PowerPoint with facilitator notes, a process tool that leads teams through a process of building on their current program to develop a plan and policy for implementation, and a sample policy that guides discussion of recommendations to the fictional ABC Middle School as its SBDM council updates a past policy to meet the new requirements.

NOTE: The facilitator notes that accompany the PowerPoint contain vital information and clarification.
Writing Policy Guidance PowerPoint
Writing Policy Guidance Notes Pages
X High School Draft Policy - for use with WebEx
X High School Draft Policy for use with WebEx.pdf
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