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Published: 8/1/2013 11:45 AM

Kentucky's educational reforms are based upon the principle that schools must be held accountable for the progress of their students. Frequent, meaningful testing is required to assess the extent of student progress toward proficiency; accurate, understandable reporting is required so that all stakeholders in Kentucky education have the data needed for making effective decisions concerning school policies, programs and curricula.


The new assessment for grades 3-8 is a blended model built with norm-referenced test (NRT) and criterion-referenced test (CRT) items which consist of multiple-choice (mc), extended-response (er) and short answer (sa) items. The NRT portion, the Stanford 10, is a purchased test with national norms and the CRT portion is customized for Kentucky.

Depth of Knowledge

Released Items

Reference Sheets and Rulers

Educational Planning and Assessment System (EPAS)

In July 2006, Senate Bill 130 was passed by the Kentucky legislature. The bill amended KRS 158.6453 to include the provision that “no later than the 2007-2008 school year, and each year thereafter” the Commonwealth’s assessment program shall include a high school readiness examination in grade 8, a college readiness examination in grade 10 and the ACT college admissions and placement examination in grade 11.

These three examinations — EXPLORE, PLAN and the ACT — comprise the Educational Planning and Assessment System (EPAS).


PLAN Guide

ACT Guide

End-of-Course Exams (revised)
The ACT QualityCore provides resources to promote rigor in the core courses. It is not a replacement curriculum, nor does it establish new standards. The materials provided by ACT QualityCore are designed as supplements to current instructional resources and programs, not as replacements. For more information on ACT QualityCore as it relates to Kentucky's End of Course assessment program, please click here.

The purpose of end-of-course (EOC) assessments is to ensure that districts and schools provide consistent and rigorous experiences in these vital courses. The EOC assessments will be administered throughout the year as students earn credit in each course.

Click here for individual narrated presentations for each of the high school EOC assessments. Documents describing the alignment of the EOC assessments with Kentucky's standards (KCAS) are also posted available at this link.

More information and details regarding EOC assessments are available on this page and from the Kentucky QualityCore website.

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