Mathematics Deconstructed Standards

Published: 10/28/2013 10:21 AM

The COMPLETE set of deconstructed standards for Mathematics is now available! These were created collaboratively by teachers and leaders across the Commonwealth. Please note that these deconstructions have been reviewed, edited, and revised based on feedback from internal and external reviewers.


Kindergarten Mathematics
Kindergarten Mathematics.pdfKindergarten Mathematics.pdf

First Grade Mathematics

First Grade Mathematics.pdfFirst Grade Mathematics.pdf

Second Grade Mathematics

Second Grade Mathematics.pdfSecond Grade Mathematics.pdf

Third Grade Mathematics

Third Grade Mathematics.pdfThird Grade Mathematics.pdf

Fourth Grade Mathematics

Fourth Grade Mathematics.pdfFourth Grade Mathematics.pdf

Fifth Grade Mathematics

Fifth Grade Mathematics.pdfFifth Grade Mathematics.pdf

Sixth Grade Mathematics
Sixth Grade Mathematics.pdfSixth Grade Mathematics.pdf

Seventh Grade Mathematics
Seventh Grade Mathematics.pdfSeventh Grade Mathematics.pdf

Eighth Grade Mathematics
Eighth Grade Mathematics.pdfEighth Grade Mathematics.pdf

High School Algebra 1
High School Algebra 1.pdfHigh School Algebra 1.pdf

High School Algebra 2
High School Algebra 2.pdfHigh School Algebra 2.pdf

High School Geometry
High School Geometry.pdfHigh School Geometry.pdf
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