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Published: 9/2/2014 11:43 AM
In March 2009, Kentucky’s General Assembly passed Senate Bill 1. Passage of this bill established the implementation of a program review to be included as part of a new assessment and accountability model.

​A Program Review is ...a systematic method of analyzing components of an instructional program, including instructional practices, aligned and enacted curriculum, student work samples, formative and summative assessments, professional development and support services, and administrative support and monitoring KRS 158.6453(1)(i)

Program reviews have been written for three (3) areas: Arts & Humanities, Writing, and Practical Living and Career Studies. They will serve a number of purposes, which include
  • improving the quality teaching and learning for all students in all programs
  • allowing equal access to all students the skills that will assist them in being productive citizens
  • allowing student demonstration of understanding beyond a paper-and-pencil test
  • ensuring a school-wide natural integration of the program skills across all contents, beyond the program areas

The review of a program should be an on-going, year-round, reflective process. Through careful review schools will be able to identify strengths, which can be shared with other programs within the building. A careful review will also allow for the identification of weaknesses and areas of growth.  It is to a school’s advantage to communicate the program review process and documents to all staff. As staff identifies their roles in supporting school programs, they can contribute to the process of evidence identification and program improvement.
Highly Effective Teaching and Learning
Kentucky Educational Television, in collaboration with the Kentucky Department of Education has developed 5 self-paced modules which describe the program review process. They can be found at
Kentucky Teacher, the Kentucky Department of Education’s award-winning publication, has published articles that demonstrate how the program reviews can lead to improvement in traditionally non-tested areas.


Arts and Humanities
KDE Arts Humanities Program Review

Practical Living & Career Studies

KDE Program Review Practical Living-Career Studies 

KDE Writing Program Review
Rationale Writing for the PR – Guidance New!
Writing an effective Program Review rationale can be challenging. This document offers some approaches to writing a rationale so it clearly communicates the status of a program, evidence to support this assertion, and next steps for program improvement.
K-3 Program Review Implementation Support Modules Now Available! New!
The Kentucky Department of Education is pleased to announce a new free resource available to schools and districts offering guidance on the effective implementation of the K-3 Program Review. In collaboration with Kentucky Educational Television (KET), three online modules have been developed with video examples illustrating practices in Kentucky K-3 programs that support the Standards, Demonstrators, and Characteristics found in the K-3 Program Review including the demonstrator around Kentucky Systems of Intervention/Response to Intervention. These modules will lead a school’s Program Review team through personal reflection and refinement of their process as a whole. Access the modules at:
World Language
  • AdvancEd

    ​Adaptive System of School Improvement Support Tool (ASSIST), technical trainings and contact information for AdvancEd.


  • Program Review Resources

    Resources and guidance for implementing Program Reviews


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