Program Reviews

Published: 7/27/2016 2:22 PM

Changes to the Program Review 

Effective 2016 – 2017 School Year


The Program Review Task Force was created to identify challenges in the current Program Review process and propose solutions that support best instructional and learning experiences for all students in the Program Review areas. The changes listed below are a reflection of the hard work and guidance provided by the Program Review Task Force. 
  • Program Review Rubrics were revised to reflect concise language and a reduction in characteristics and demonstrators.
  • Rationales, uploading evidence, and Next Steps diagnostic were removed as required information for ASSIST for the scoring process.
  • Two Program Reviews will be scored for the 2016-2017 school year with Assurances required for all.
  • K-3 programs will only be documented using the Assurance.
  • Guidance is provided for schools and districts.


Program Review Changes Webinar
KDE will host a webinar that will provide an explanation and interpretation of the revised rubrics, explore the new Assurances and provide a question/answer session. District and school leaders are strongly encouraged to view the webinar at: The webinar will be archived for future viewing and rubrics and Assurances will be released on the website after the webinar.

Webinar Date: Notice of Postponement:
The Program Review update webinar scheduled for Thursday, July 28, 2016 is being postponed. The webinar will be scheduled for a later date following the Kentucky Board of Education meeting on August 4, 2016. Information about the rescheduled webinar will be communicated through the Office of the Commissioner and will be posted on this website.

Informational Support Sessions 
Informational Support Sessions will be held across the state beginning the first week of September. It is KDE’s recommendation that representatives from every district attend one information session. See the schedule provided below.

Each session will accommodate approximately 100 participants; therefore, early registration is preferable. Registration for the sessions can be found at the following link:
If you have questions, please contact Jamee Barton at, or via phone at (502) 564-2106, ext. 4545. 

What is a Program Review?

A Program Review is ...a systematic method of analyzing components of an instructional program, including instructional practices, aligned and enacted curriculum, student work samples, formative and summative assessments, professional development and support services, and administrative support and monitoring KRS 158.6453(1)(i).

Program reviews have been written for five (5) areas: Arts & Humanities, Writing, Practical Living /Career Studies, K-3 and Global Competency/World Languages. They will serve a number of purposes, which include: 
  • improving the quality teaching and learning for all students in all programs 
  • allowing equitable access for all students to provide experiences that contribute to becoming well-rounded, productive citizens 
  • allowing student demonstration of understanding beyond a paper-and-pencil test 
  • ensuring a school-wide natural integration of the program skills across all contents, beyond the program areas 

The review of a program should be an on-going, year-round, reflective process. Through careful review schools will be able to identify strengths, which can be shared with other programs within the building. A careful review will also allow for the identification of weaknesses and areas of growth.  It is to a school’s advantage to communicate the program review process and documents to all staff. As staff identifies their roles in supporting school programs, they can contribute to the process of evidence identification and program improvement.

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