Curriculum Documents for Kentucky's Primary Program

Published: 6/12/2013 3:56 PM
Documents relating to what primary students should know and be able to do prior to exiting the primary program are posted including the Core Content for Assessment, 4.1, the Primary Program of Studies, and the Combined Curriculum Documents.
The Kentucky Core Academic Standards (PDF) were adopted by the Kentucky State Board of Education in June 2010. The KCAS contains content formerly in the Program of Studies (2006) for all content areas, except in English Language Arts and Mathematics. The ELA and Mathematics standards in KCAS are now the Common Core State Standards.
Combined Curriculum Documents for Primary
The Combined Curriculum Document (CCD) is a resource created by the Kentucky Department of Education to show the connection between the Academic Expectations (what students should know and be able to do as a result of their school experience), the Program of Studies (the minimum required content standards students shall be taught to meet the high school graduation requirements), and the Core Content for Assessment Version 4.1 (the content that  is appropriate to  be included on the state assessment). The CCD was created as a response to requests from districts to produce a resource that included curriculum and assessment documents on the same page, showing the connection and relationship between them.
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Core Content for Assessment version 4.1- represents the subset of Kentucky Core Academic Standards (KCAS) content that will be included on the state assessment (K-PREP) for Science and Social Studies. This content is designed for use with, not instead of, Kentucky's Core Academic Standards.
Primary 2000 and Beyond.doc serves as a guide for primary education and offers information on legislation and resources that impact the implementation of Kentucky's primary program.  The document can be used as a tool for answering questions to help provide a quality education for all of Kentucky's children.
Implementation of Common Core Standards and the Ungraded Primary Program document.docImplementation of Common Core Standards and the Ungraded Primary Program document.doc
The Kentucky Core Academic Standards, when implemented with the seven critical attributes of the Primary Program, ensure that each student is building the foundation for both academic and social success. The Implementation of Common Core Standards and the Ungraded Primary Program document is designed to be a tool that schools and districts may use to guide the implementation of the new standards, while honoring the critical attributes of the Kentucky Primary Program. 

KYECS-KCAS Math Align.docKYECS-KCAS Math Align.doc


The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) has aligned the Kentucky Early Childhood Standards for three-and-four-year-old children with the Kentucky Core Academic Kindergarten Standards in both Mathematics and English/Language Arts.

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