Kentucky Environmental Literacy Plan

Published: 11/8/2012 12:52 PM
The Kentucky Environmental Literacy Plan (KELP) describes Kentucky's planned aproach to improving the environmental literacy of all students. Information regarding the timeline and goals for implementation of the KELP are contained in the KELP Implementation Plan which is also available for download  below.


The lens of environmental education offers a number of connections to the Common Core State Standards in both English Language Arts and Mathematics. The KELP Implementation Advisory Team created two correlation documents to help teachers understand how the Common Core State Standards compare with expectations found in the North American Association for Environmental Education Standards for Excellence in Learning (K-12). These correlation documents can be downloaded below.​

Kentucky Environmental Literacy Plan


Introduction to the Common Core Standards correlation documents

Introduction_Connecting National Environmental Education Standards to Common Core Standards.pdf

Environmental Education correlations to the ELA Common Core

EE_Common_Core_Standards_for_Language_Arts+Suggestions for Teachers_Print_9-2012.pdf

Environmental Education correlations to the Mathematics Common Core

EE_Common_Core_Standards_for_Mathematics+Suggestions for Teachers_Print_9-2012.pdf

KELP Implementation Plan

KELP Implementation Plan_2012.pdf


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