Science Assessment

Published: 11/24/2014 2:47 PM

This page provides links to science assessment standards and other information related to Kentucky's science assessment program.


Alignment of ACT QualityCore Biology EOC with KY Standards

This document aligns the ACT Quality Core Biology End of Course standards with the Kentucky Science Program of Studies for high school. This document is a draft and may be subject to revision.



High School Diagnostic Assessments

 These diagnostic assessment items were designed as tools for teachers to determine if students are learning important concepts related to the standards in their high school science courses.  Teachers might choose to construct an assessment instrument based on their syllabus and administer the assessments at the beginning of the year. This would allow them to establish baseline knowledge levels for students. The same assessments might also be used at the end of the year to assess growth in student knowledge.  Smaller assessments might also be assembled from these items to be used as diagnostic instruments or pre/post unit assessments. The organizational structure of the items should allow teachers to quickly find those items related to the concepts being taught.


Released Assessment Items

KDE periodically releases sample assessment items. These items are housed on the Assessment and Accountability section of the website. CLICK HERE to access the Released Items page.

Standards for Assessment in Science

Links to the current science curriculum and assessment standards.


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