Published: 3/31/2015 2:33 PM
Information about science teaching and learning for all grade levels can be accessed from here.

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A listserv designed to facilitate the sharing of timely information related to science teaching and learning.  (KYK12SCI)
School Laboratory Management and Chemical Cleanout Manual 
The Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Compliance Assistance has just released the School Laboratory Management and Chemical Cleanout Manual. This manual will provide information to help schools establish and maintain Best Management Practices for the selection, purchasing, storage, safe handling and proper disposal of chemicals used in schools. This will provide a safe environment for students, teachers, and staff , while simultaneously ensuring compliance with applicable regulations.

Science Facility Design
This document contains research-based information and suggestions for planning and designing science facilities. Download
  • Inquiry

    ​Inquiry is the process scientists use to build an understanding of the natural world based on evidence. Students can learn about the world using inquiry. Although learners rarely discover knowledge that is new to humankind, current research indicates that when engaged in inquiry learners build knowledge new to themselves.


  • Kentucky Science Support Network

    The Kentucky Science Support Network (KSSN) is designed to provide classroom teachers in Kentucky a direct link to "experts" across the Commonwealth.


  • Literacy and Science

    With the No Child Left Behind Act of 2002, each of us feels a sense of urgency to dig deep into our instructional practices repertoire and pull out that overlooked strategy that will work for all our students and propel them into academic success.


  • Middle School Science Standards-Based Units of Study

    ​Middle School Science Standards-Based Units of Study


  • Science Assessment

    This page provides links to science assessment standards and other information related to Kentucky's science assessment program.


  • Science Newsletter Activities

  • Teaching for Meaning

    The National Research Council recently published How Students Learn Science in the Classroom, (2005). The book focuses on three principles of learning that all teachers of science should understand and be able to implement in their classrooms in order to promote meaning-making or understanding:


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