Published: 10/3/2014 6:56 AM
​KDE Memoranda of Understanding with Foreign Countries
• France
     Académie de Dijon, Academie de Grenoble
     Jules Vernes Teacher Exchange
     English Assistants in France Program
• People’s Republic of China
     College Board Guest Teacher from China Program
• Spain
     Visiting Teacher from Spain Program
     Spanish Language and Culture Assistants
     English Assistants in Spain Program

Visiting Teacher from Spain Program
The Visiting Teacher program is designed to help schools provide quality world language instruction to Kentucky students by supplying a pool of certified teaching candidates from Spain.

The candidates are pre-selected by the Spanish Ministry of Education and interviewed in person by the KDE World Language and International Education consultant. Secondary teaching candidates have a Masters degree. Elementary candidates may have a B.A. or a Masters.  All are certified to teach Spanish and ESL.
Visiting Teachers may be hired to teach for up to 3 years on their initial J1 visa. Teaching beyond that time requires a change in visa. 
Districts interested in hiring a Visiting Teacher from Spain should contact Dr. Jacque Van Houten, World Language and International Education consultant at, (502.564.2106) as soon as possible.
What are the broad program objectives?
  • To provide the opportunity for Kentucky students to learn Spanish from native speakers.
  • To increase global awareness in the school community.
  • To increase understanding of the language, culture, and history of Spain.
  • To develop lifelong international professional relationships and friendships.
  • How does the Visiting Teacher from Spain Program work?
  • The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) and the Ministry of Education and Culture of Spain (MEC) signed a memorandum of understanding in 1999.
  • In the fall the Spanish Ministry of Education publishes a call for teachers and pre-selects possible candidates.
  • In February, Kentucky superintendents and principals receive an Application of Intent, which they use to inform KDE that they are interested in hiring a Visiting Teacher for the next school year. (Schools deciding to hire a Visiting Teacher at a later date may contact the KDE World Language and International Education consultant at any time.)
  • In spring, the KDE World Language and International Education consultant interviews prospective candidates in Madrid.
  • From May through July, selected candidates are assigned to a school, schedule an interview at the American Embassy in Madrid to obtain a J1 visa, and prepare to move to Kentucky.
  • In early July, Visiting Teachers participate in a workshop in Madrid focusing on life and teaching in the U.S.A.
  • In late July, Visiting Teachers arrive in Kentucky, participate in an orientation workshop on Living and Teaching in Kentucky* and are taken by a district representative from Frankfort to their new towns where they fill out a TC1 form and are hired by the district at a rank commensurate to their training and experience.
  • The third weekend in September, Visiting Teachers attend the Kentucky World Language Association conference in Louisville where they are provided a special professional development session.
  • Sometime in the fall, the KDE World Language and International Education consultant and state representative from the Embassy of Spain schedule an on-site visit with the Visiting Teacher and local school administrators.
* In the event that the teacher is hired at a date too late to attend the orientation workshop, the KDE consultant will arrange with the school administrators and the visiting teacher to provide the training at a convenient place and date.
What are KDE's Responsibilities?
  • To assess the needs of local school districts.
  • To provide a representative to interview prospective candidates in Spain.
  • To select candidates and place them in districts that request a visiting teacher.
  • To secure J1 visas for all teachers from Spain.
  • To provide an orientation course, Living and Teaching in Kentucky.
  • To act as liaison between local schools and the Embassy of Spain's representative in Indianapolis.
What are the Local School District's Responsibilities?
  • To provide a contact person who is available to discuss personnel issues during the selection process and possible follow-up interview.
  • To provide a building-level administrator who acts as a liaison for the teacher.
  • To provide a fellow teacher/mentor, preferably in the same building, to provide guidance and support for the visiting teacher from Spain.
  • To provide a host family with whom the visiting teacher can stay until suitable housing can be found.
  • To provide additional support to ensure a successful and positive experience for both the school and the teacher, including assistance in securing a social security number, setting up housekeeping, obtaining a driver's license, buying a car, etc.
  • To support the Visiting Teacher's attendance at the September conference in Louisville of the Kentucky Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages, where all Visiting Teachers will be given additional professional development. 
  • To pay Visiting Teachers' expenses of up to $300 for the week long orientation on living and teaching in Kentucky.