World Languages

Published: 10/2/2014 1:33 PM

Information about world language learning for all grade levels including the Kentucky Standard for World Languages Proficiency document, World Languages Program Review and LinguaFolio can be accessed from here.

Additional resources available include information regarding research-based practices and assessments, links to state and national world languages organizations and links to online resources for the World Languages student, teacher and parent.
Implementation of World Language Program Review to Begin in High Schools in 2014-15

At the June 4 meeting, the Kentucky Board of Education approved the following plan for the implementation of Program Reviews:

All districts' high schools will pilot the World Language Program Review (WL PR) in 2014-15, entering information and evidence in ASSIST to set their baseline. High schools will be held accountable for the WL PR in 2015-16.

All districts' elementary and middle schools in 2014-15, under leadership of school-based decision making councils, will answer the questions in the World Language Program Review template in ASSIST but not upload evidences as baseline data. This provides each elementary and middle school the opportunity to become more familiar with the rubric, examine current practices, identify needs, and create a stronger programmatic improvement plan PRIOR to the required statewide pilot/baseline setting year. These schools also will answer two questions around what resources (time, training, human, fiscal) are necessary to implement the program review in 2015-16. This will be key information that the KDE uses in planning supports for the successful implementation of this program review.

Elementary and middle schools will be given the option to choose to use the current World Language Program Review rubric to upload evidences as a 2014-15 "informational pilot." They would be using that information to more fully inform program planning and improvements for 2015-16. All entered information could be maintained for the statewide pilot year (2015-16), only updating changes as new evidence is produced. Elementary and middle schools will be held accountable for their WL PRs in 2016-17. 

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