Finance Officer Training, Insurance Guidelines, Key Financial Indicators, Financial Management Calendar, Finance Newsletters and Who Does What in DDS

Published: 9/11/2014 8:31 AM

Finance Officer Training
The Division of District Support provides guidance for districts, providers, and finance officers regarding the types of finance officer trainings that will be approved. The finance officer serves as the financial leader of the school district and is responsible, with the assistance of the superintendent, school councils, and other finance staff, for creating a sound financial climate that reflects the district needs and expectations.

Training providers are required to complete and submit the web-based Finance Officer Training Provider Proposal Form to the Division of District Support.  The proposal form allows training providers the convenience of submitting electronically a training proposal request for the approval of a training agenda and/or program to be counted as finance officer training hours.  Please click here to access and submit a proposal. 

 The web-based proposal form must be submitted to the Kentucky Department of Education's, Division of District Support at least thirty (30) business days prior to the first scheduled program in order to be eligible for approval.  The Department cannot guarantee proposals submitted after this time will be reviewed for approval.  Proposals submitted to KDE after the training session has occurred will not be considered for approval.

The Finance Officer Hours List document located below is currently being updated due to several of the training sessions being obsolete.  KDE will be replacing the outdated Finance Officer Hours List document with a revised list in September 2013.  Please make a copy of the old list if desired prior to the old list being replaced with a revised list.

Finance Officer Hours List Updated 7/5/2013
Finance Officer Training Criteria Revised November 2011

For more information contact:
Jeffrey Coulter

500 Mero Street, 15th floor CPT
Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone: 502-564-3846 x4459

Insurance Guidelines
The purpose of this document is to provide information to Kentucky school districts regarding laws and regulations on insurance minimums and best practice recommendations from the Kentucky Department of Education. The guidelines in this document are to be used for general purposes only. Recommendations from the Kentucky Department of Education are offered as supplementary advice to assist districts in meeting statutory and regulatory requirements.
For more information contact:
Renee Thomas
500 Mero Street, 15th Floor CPT
Phone: 502-564-3846 x4454
Key Financial Indicators Template
This template may be used to assist in the financial analysis of the school district.  No one number can adequately measure the financial health of an entity but these factors as a whole can provide a basic financial picture.  The annual amounts are significant as well as the trend for each indicator and at what rate the indicator is increasing or decreasing.
To use the template:  Yellow highlighted cells indicate data where should be entered.  Notes to the right provide guidance on obtaining that data.  Take care to avoid overwriting or deleting the formulas built into the template.

Key Financial Indicators Template 2014
For more information contact:
Susan Barkley
500 Mero St. 15th Floor CPT
Frankfort KY 40601
Phone: 502-564-3930 x4437

Financial Management Calendar
The Financial Management Calendar is being made available to serve as a reminder of financial/budget processes that need to be completed as well as the KDE due dates.

FY2015 Financial Management Calendar Aug 14
FY2014 Financial Management Calendar Rev May 14
FY2013 Financial Management Calendar
FY2012 Financial Management Calendar Rev Nov 11

For more information contact:
Gail Cox
500 Mero Street, 15th Floor CPT
Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone: 502-564-3846 x4462

Financial Management Manual
The Financial Management Manual is a guide to assist local district personnel with the statutes, regulations, and policies which are needed to ensure compliance with the mandates and requirements of the Kentucky Board of Education.

Financial Management Manual

For more information contact:
Carol Buell
500 Mero Street, 15th Floor CPT
Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone: 502-564-3846 x4438

Who Does What in DDS
The Kentucky Department of Education’s Division of District Support (DDS) has a new VOIP phone system.  The division’s telephone numbers have not changed, excluding the 502-564-4403 telephone number that is no longer active.  The DDS personnel may be reached at the telephone and extension numbers located in the Who Does What DDS document. Please dial the 10 digit telephone number and then enter the staff’s extension as soon as the automated system answers in order to contact that specific staff. 

Who Does What in DDS

For more information contact:
Kay Kennedy
500 Mero Street, 15th Floor CPT
Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone: 502-564-3930

Financial Newletters
The Finance Newsletter is distributed periodically to local school district superintendents and finance officers and provides the latest information on accounting procedures, data integrity, and financial reporting requirements.

Finance Newsletter September/October 2014
Finance Newsletter July/August 2014
Finance Newsletter May/June 2014
Finance Newsletter March/April 2014
Finance Newsletter January/February 2014
Finance Newsletter November/December 2013
Finance Newsletter September/October 2013
Finance Newsletter July/August 2013
Finance Newsletter May/June 2013
Finance Newsletter March/April 2013
Finance Newsletter January/February 2013
Finance Newsletter November/December 2012
Finance Newsletter September/October 2012
Finance Newsletter July/August 2012
Finance Newsletter May/June 2012
Finance Newsletter March/April 2012
Finance Newsletter January/February 2012
Finance Newsletter November/December 2011
Finance Newsletter September/October 2011
Finance Newsletter July/August 2011
Finance Newsletter May/June 2011
Finance Newsletter March/April 2011
Finance Newsletter November/December 2010
Finance Newsletter July 2009
Finance Newsletter May 2008
Finance Newsletter January 2007
Finance Newsletter April 2006

For more information contact:
Kay Kennedy

500 Mero Street, 15th Floor CPT
Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone: 502-564-3930