Published: 2/13/2015 11:49 AM

KRS 65.944(1)(b) and 702 KAR 3:300 establish the requirement and procedures for school district leases in excess of $100,000 to be approved by the Commissioner of Education. In addition, a district may request the approval of a technology lease agreement in excess of $100,000 by completing the Technology Leases Over $100,000 Checklist below and submitting the completed checklist along with the district’s proposed technology lease agreement and other required documents on or by May 30, 2015 through e-mail to Beth Wheeler ( and copy Denise Hartsfield ( at the Kentucky Department of Education, Division of District Support.
702 KAR 3:300, Section 2 limits technology lease term to the five (5) year useful life of the equipment and approval of the district's technology plan.



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