School-Based Decision Making - Training

Published: 10/28/2015 1:28 PM

Council Member Training and Verification
   Link to SBDM Council Verifications  
   Entering SBDM Council Verifications Instructions (08-12-15)

General Documents
SBDM Trainers and Coordinators​, revised October 2015
New Coordinator Training - AM (PDF)
New Coordinator Training - PM (PDF)

1. Introduction to SBDM
   1.1   Intro to SBDM 
   1.2   Intro to SBDM - Facilitators 
   1.3   Intro to SBDM - PowerPoint

2. Budgets Module
   2.1   SBDM and Budgets 
   2.2   SBDM and Budgets - Facilitators 
   2.3   SBDM and Budgets - PowerPoint

3. Bylaws and Policies
   3.1   Bylaws and Policies 
   3.2   Bylaws and Policies - Facilitators 
   3.3   Sample Bylaws 
   3.4   Sample Policies 
   3.5   Bylaws and Policies - PowerPoint

4. Family and Community Engagement (FCE)
   4.1   FCE 
   4.2   FCE - Facilitators 
   4.3   Family Friendly Checklist 
   4.4   Parent Involvement Policy 
   4.5   FCE - PowerPoint 

5. TELL Kentucky Survey
   5.1   TELL Kentucky
   5.2   TELL Kentucky - Training Materials

6. Closing Gaps for All Students
   6.1   Closing the Achievement Gap 
   6.2   Achievement Gap - Facilitators 
   6.3   Achievement Gap Resources 
   6.4   Achievement Gap - PowerPoint
   6.5   Guidelines for Closing the Gaps for All 
            Children (developed by the Commissioner's
       Raising Achievement/Closing Gaps Council)

7. Advanced SBDM Training
   7.1   Advanced SBDM 
   7.2   Advanced SBDM - Facilitators 
   7.3   Role Playing Resources
   7.4   Advanced SBDM - PowerPoint

8. Continuous Improvement Planning
   8.1   Continuous Improvement Planning 
   8.2   Continuous Improvement Planning - 
   8.3   Continuous Improvement Planning - 
   8.4   Continuous Improvement Planning - 
          Participant's Supplement
   8.5   Continuous Improvement Planning - 


Prichard Committee, KASC, and KEA Alternative Training Modules
The documents below are KDE reviews of the approved modules
Please contact Prichard CommitteeKASC, or KEA in order to schedule these sessions

Prichard Committee

  GCIPL Training

  Missing Piece

Kentucky Association of School Councils

  Connecting Assessment and Accountability

  Council Responsibilities for Supporting PGES

Kentucky Education Association

  Putting It All Together: Multiple Measures for School Success

On-Line Resources
   SBDM Online Training Options

   GCIPL One Page Workshop

Resource Materials
   Council Resource Booklet 
   Sample Sign In Sheet
   Sample New Member Training Evaluation
   Sample Experienced Member Training Evaluation
   Frequently Asked Questions

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