MUNIS Cloud Services

Published: 8/14/2014 3:43 PM
KY Cloud Munis Program Updates - Instructions on installing and running the MUNIS Internet Update utility.   
Using the MUNIS Internet Update (MIU) - Video explaining the use of the MIU.
MUNIS Infrastructure Migration District Operations Guide - Describes the operations districts must complete to maintain the MUNIS Cloud System, and the avenues available to access Tyler and KDE support. (Updated 8/14/2014)
New MUNIS Platform Features - PowerPoint that was presented at KySTE outlining MUNIS Cloud Service.
District Costing Worksheet - Excel Spreadsheet for districts to compare on-premise and cloud costs.
On Premise District Costs - Excel Spreadsheet that shows the typical district cost of MUNIS in and on-premise environment.
MUNIS Hardware Specifications - The MUNIS Hardware specifications with operating system technical support details.
MUNIS Infrastructure Migration District Overview - Overview of the MUNIS district migration.
MUNIS Webcast to District CFOs/CIOs - FAQ - Frequently asked questions from the CFO/CIO Webcast.


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