8 - SkyDrive and Office Web Apps - I Need to Share and Collaborate

Published: 10/29/2012 2:39 PM
Before you begin - The following demo was created by capturing click-by-click screenshots of the Live@edu applications and pasting them onto individual PowerPoint slides (similar to the frame-by-frame construction of an animated cartoon)...More


When executed in slideshow mode (F5), the slides resemble a live demo without concern for Internet connectivity, demo accounts, or other hard-to-control variables. Simply follow the script and click on the slide per the script instructions. Each "click" of the demo represents an advance to the next slide.

Once in the slideshow, right-click and select Pointer OptionsArrow OptionsVisible to deliver a more realistic experience by preventing the mouse pointer from auto-hiding.
I Need to Share & Collaborate - Office Web Apps make it simple to collaborate with people on different platforms and different Microsoft Office versions, and even those who don’t have Microsoft Office on their computers. People who share access to your files can edit them easily and instantly from supported Web browsers on their PC or Mac.
For the best quality, set your PC resolution to 1024x768.
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