Live@edu - Support Resources

Published: 10/29/2012 4:29 PM

This section provides you with links to technical resources as well as contact information for Live@edu support.


Web resources for end users:

Searchable How-To center for Outlook Live
Microsoft technical community devoted to Outlook Live
Support center for Outlook Live
Microsoft resources for IT Professionals
Microsoft technical communities provide opportunities to interact with Microsoft employees, experts, and your peers in order to share knowledge and news about Microsoft products and related technologies

Additional web resources for administrators:

Your central location for managing the Student Tenant (GAL) for Outlook Live


Live@edu is supported by both Microsoft Premier Support and the KETS Service Desk:

For detailed information on the support process, please see pages 17 -23 in the District Operations Guide (DOG).

Microsoft Premier Support for Live@edu 

For assistance with the following issues, please contact Microsoft Premier Support:
- Issues accessing
- Issues with the Exchange Control Panel
- Anything pertaining to
- Email delays / delivery latency
- Email NDRs
- Errors on export
- Issues logging in via the Outlook 2007/2010 client
Phone Support: (800) 936-3100
Note: Premier support requires you to provide a Premier Access ID. Each district has one ID. If you cannot remember your Access ID, please contact your KETS Engineer. ANY DISTRICT THAT OPENS A PREMIER CASE FOR A PRODUCT OTHER THAN LIVE@EDU MAY BE SUBJECT TO FINANCIAL CHARGES APPLIED BY MICROSOFT
If you have already filed a support ticket and feel that you have not received a timely response or if you would like a status update please contact (English only).
Please refer all single user issues that involve Windows Live services to

Incident Severity Definition

Once an issue (called a support incident) has been submitted to Microsoft, it will be assigned a severity level based on the Severity definitions listed in the distrit operations guide (DOG).

KETS Service Desk Support

Some functions of the Live@edu service have been customized for Kentucky K-12. Support for those functions will be handled by the KETS Service Desk.
For assistance with the following issues, please contact the KETS Service Desk:
- Active Directory issues
- Mailbox creation/provisioning errors
- KETS Control Panel issues
- If you're not sure whether vendor documentation is correct, Microsoft or otherwise, for a particular task
- Any questions regarding the support of Live@edu, documentation in the DOG, or questions regarding this support page.
KETS Service Desk Phone:
(502) 564-2002 (local)
(866) 538-7435 (toll free)
Matt Jury
Office of Knowledge, Information and Data Services
Division of Operations and Services
15 Fountain Place
Frankfort, KY 40601
(502) 564-2020 ext. 2404
Fax (502) 564-1519