Microsoft Live - Mac Help

Published: 6/21/2013 4:04 PM

These videos and documents are designed to assist you in connecting your Mac to Live@edu.

These videos require that your PC be able to open and view QuickTime files and that you’re using Internet Explorer 7 on your workstation.  You can also view each video on YouTube.
-  If you choose YouTube to view a video, please click the icon that has 4 arrows pointing outward to expand to full screen. This icon is located just below the right-hand corner of the video that is playing.
Once you are finished watching the video, you can either click on Esc on your keyboard or click on the icon that has four arrows pointing inward. Either action will take you out of full screen mode.
 -  If you choose the QuickTime option it should already be in full screen.
Apple Mail Quick Tip Video:
(Snow Leopard application ONLY):  This video will walk you through setting up the native mail application on Snow Leopard Apple computers.  It also covers importing data to the Mail application from the legacy Entourage client. 
Click here to view on YouTube
Please click here to download the QuickTime video file.

Entourage WSE Quick Tip Video:
This video will walk you through upgrading Microsoft Entourage 2008 to Entourage WSE.  WSE is the only version of the Entourage client that successfully connects with Live@edu / Outlook Live.  This video will walk you through upgrading the client and establishing the connecting account and importing all legacy data.
Click here to view on YouTube
Please click here to download the QuickTime video file. 

Entourage WSE Self Help Document: This document will walk your through upgrading the client, establishing the connecting account, and importing all legacy data.
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