KETS Email

Published: 6/4/2013 4:13 PM

  • Install Files

    This section is devoted to install files that will assist our State CIOs, District Technology Coordinators, and other district tech staff in managing Active Directory and live@edu.
  • Live@edu - Support Resources

    This section provides you with links to technical resources as well as contact information for Live@edu support.


  • Live@edu End User Resources

    The content in this section will walk you through training end users on the features and functions of Live@edu.

  • Live@edu IT Admin

    The content in this section is tailored to IT Admin staff in Kentucky K-12 school districts who are responsible for supporting district Live@edu customers.
  • Microsoft Live - Mac Help

    These videos and documents are designed to assist you in connecting your Mac to Live@edu.

  • Microsoft Live - Web Interface Training Videos

    These videos will walk you through twelve different features and functions of the Kentucky Live@edu webmail environment.  These videos require that your PC be able to open and view .wmv (Windows Media Video) files, QuickTime files, and that you’re using Internet Explorer 7 on your workstation.  You can also view each video on YouTube.