KETS Offers of Assistance

Published: 8/11/2015 4:24 PM

Districts can use the worksheets below to develop and maintain a technology budget and report their progress with matching local funds to Kentucky Education Technology Services (KETS) Offers of Assistance.


KETS Offers of Assistance District Forms

Districts can use these worksheets to request a proposed match of KETS Offers of Assistance and to create a Technology Activity Report (TAR).


Proposed Match Form.pdfProposed Match Form.pdf-This form is to be submitted when a district proposes to match other funds with KETS Offers of Assistance.


Download this file to manually create the Technology Activity Report (TAR).


Instructions for the Technology Activity Report (TAR).

Technology Activity Report Instructions 81115.pdfTechnology Activity Report Instructions 81115.pdf



KETS Offers of Assistance Information


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Division of School Technology Planning and Project Management
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