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Published: 7/13/2015 2:17 PM

The Kentucky Education Technology System (KETS) Customer Service Center publishes tech tips in the Commissioner’s Weekly Update each Friday. Our tips, which focus on emerging technology and best practices, are archived here.
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  • Tech Tip 269 - Autocorrect Saves Time

    ​Use autocorrect and shorthand typing to speed up typing documents and e-mails. This week’s Tech Tip shows you how to use this handy feature.
  • Tech Tip 268 - New OneDrive Online

    If you’ve recently used your OneDrive online, you may have noticed a different layout. This week’s Tech Tip shows you the differences.
  • Tech Tip 267 - Office 365 Notifications

    Do you wish you could turn off the new e-mail or reminder notifications in Office 365, or have you turned them off and can't remember how to turn them back on? This week's Tech Tip shows you how.                 
  • Tech Tips 266 - Customize Outlook

    Customize the navigation pane in Outlook 2013 to get organization that works for you. This week's Tech Tip shows you how to set it up to fit your needs. 
  • Tech Tip 264 - Shortcuts

    Who doesn't love a good shortcut to make work more efficient? This week’s Tech Tip shows you a few lesser-known shortcuts that work in a variety of programs to make text selection and navigation easier.
  • Tech Tip 265 - Word Helps You Capitalize

    Microsoft Word has a built-in feature that helps you quickly and easily switch between different capitalization styles. This week's Tech Tip shows you just how easy it is.
  • Tech Tip 263 - Let Outlook Help

    Do you send e-mails on behalf of someone else, then get stuck in the middle of replies? Let Outlook be in the middle for you! This week’s Tech Tip walks you through using the Direct Replies feature.
  • Tech Tip 262 - Edit your PDF with Word

    Need to edit a PDF document but don’t have PDF editing software installed? If you have Word 2013 or later you can edit PDF documents without additional software. Watch this week’s Tech Tip to find out how.
  • Tech Tip 261 - Hide the Welcome Screen for Office 2013

    Wish you could skip the welcome screen for Office 2013 programs? This week's Tech Tip shows you how to skip straight to a new file.
  • Tech Tip 260 - Sharing Made Easy

    ​The integration of your Office365 account into Office 2013 makes sharing documents saved in your OneDrive for Business quick and easy! This week's Tech Tip shows you how to share (and unshare) documents from within the Office 2013 suite.
  • Tech Tip 259 - Find and Replace Makes Editing a Snap

    Find and Replace are helpful tools within Microsoft Office, but they do more than find a word or phrase! This week's Tech Tip shows you some of the lesser known capabilities of this powerful tool.


  • Tech Tip 258 - What is Sway

    Have you noticed a new tile in your Office365 waffle? That’s Sway! This week’s Tech Tip show’s you why you should give it a try.


  • Tech Tip 257 - Find Your Tracked Changes

    ​Have you noticed that tracked changes display differently with Word 2013? This week’s Tech Tip shows you how to change the settings and make them easier to see.
  • Tech Tip 256 - Can You Hear Me

    One of the biggest issues people face when joining a Skype for Business meeting is their audio.
  • Tech Tip 255 - Word Reading Mode

    Do your documents open in a strange view, making it impossible to check formatting?
  • Tech Tip 254 - Outlook on the Go

    ​Ever been on the go but needed access to another calendar or to the global address book?

  • Tech Tip 253 - Skype Statuses – What do They Mean

    ​This week’s Tech Tip walks you through checking someone’s status on Skype for Business, even if their out of office message is on.


  • Tech Tip 252 - Introducing the Concierge Calendar

    ​This week’s Tech Tip walks you through the new Concierge Calendar and how to register for small group sessions.


  • Tech Tip 251 - Your Office 365 Profile Picture

    Changing your profile picture in Office 365  is easier than ever with Office 2013.
  • Tech Tip 250 - Office Icons Whats the Difference

    Having trouble telling the difference between old Office 2010 icons and new Office 2013 icons?  This week's Tech Tip gives you a quick visual difference.


  • Tech Tip 249 - Automatic Reply Rules

    Did you know there's a way to combine an Automatic Reply and your Outlook rules? 
  • Tech Tip 248 - Outlook 2013-Pop Out Your Messages

    Have you noticed that Outlook 2013 keeps all of your reply and forward messages in the same window? For those of you who don't love this new feature, this week's Tech Tip shows you how to change that.
  • Tech Tip 247 - Better Notes with OneNote

    ​This week’s Tech Tip demonstrates the effectiveness of using OneNote to take note taking to a new (read: easier!) level.
  • Tech Tip 246 - Where Did the Contrast Go

    ​Many of you who have upgraded to Office 2013 may have noticed the upgrade changed your default color to white, taking away any contrast between the ribbon and the program content.
  • Tech Tip 245 - Concierge Suggestions Kiosk

    Ever thought “I would really love to see a concierge session on this,” but forgot to tell someone from the Customer Service Center?
  • Tech Tip 244 - Outlook Shortcuts

    Looking for ways to save time and effort while still working in Outlook throughout the day? Include these shortcuts in your daily Outlook routine to take back some time.
  • Tech Tip 243 - What is Clutter

    You may have noticed a new folder in your inbox called Clutter, but what is it and where did it come from? 

  • Tech Tip 242 - Copy a Document Quickly

    ​Making changes to a document but need to keep the original? This week’s Tech Tip show’s you a quick and easy way to make a copy of a document.


  • Tech Tip 241 - Skype for Business Preview

    Here’s a first look at the new Skype for Business. This week's Tech Tip gives you a preview of what changes to expect, as well as what features remain the same.



  • Tech Tip 240 - Lync to Become Skype for Business

    Beginning April 14, Lync will start to become Skype for Business.  So what does this mean for you?
  • Tech Tip 239 - Keep an Eye on OneDrive

    Check in with your OneDrive for Business at a glance with help from this week’s Tech Tip!
  • Tech Tip 238 - Find Your Documents Fast

    Tired of losing your documents in a sea of shortcuts and folders? Pin them!
  • Tech Tip 237 - Excel and the Mysterious Corner Markers

    ​Ever notice a small triangle in the corner of an Excel cell?  What does this mean? 
  • Tech Tip 236 - KDE Notify for Andriod Devices

    This week's Tech Tip walks you through setting up KDE Notify on your Android device. Have an Apple iOS or Windows phone instead? See below for links to instructions.


  • Tech Tip 235 - KDE Notify for Apple Devices

    ​This week’s Tech Tip walks you through setting up KDE Notify on your Apple iOS device. For Android or Windows Phone instructions, watch next week’s Tech Tip.

  • Tech Tip 234 - Secure on the Go

    Use encryption software like BitLocker to encrypt your removable media and protect sensitive data on the go. 

  • Tech Tip 233 - Securing Your OneDrive

    This week in The Security Experience: You use your OneDrive for Business for everything, but do you remember who you're sharing your files with? Also, what do I do about this Shared with Everyone folder?


  • Tech Tip - 232 - Choosing the Right Password

    ​​This week in The Security Experience:  Choosing the Right Password. Some tips and tricks for creating an easy-to-remember yet hard-to-hack password.

  • Tech Tip - 231 - Auto-Fill to Get Things Done Faster

    Excel has a feature called auto-fill, and it's designed to help you do what needs done faster!
  • Tech Tip - 230 - Referencing Cells - Let Excel Do the Work For You

    ​Do you have Excel files that take twice as long to update, only because you can't remember everywhere you typed that budget amount?
  • Tech Tip 229 - What are all These Cords

    Ever walk into one of the conference rooms and stop because you're not sure which cord you need.


  • Tech Tip 228 - Spreadsheets Everywhere

    ​Did you know that you can work with spreadsheets in different windows so you can have them side by side on your computer?


  • Tech Tip 227 - Where did the clip art go

    You may have noticed that searching for clip art has been a little different recently. This week’s Tech Tip explains the difference and how to still find the images you want.


  • Tech Tip 226 - Outlook Calendars-Canceling a Meeting

    Need to cancel a meeting but unsure of how to release the conference room and let your attendees know it's canceled at the same time?


  • Tech Tip 225 - Don’t be scammed

    The holiday season is here! For many this means peak shopping season, but it’s also peak scammer season. How can you keep your money and personal information safe?

  • Tech Tip 224 - Outlook Quick Steps

    ​With outlook quick steps you can perform multi-step tasks with a single click.
  • Tech Tip 223 - Office365 and Your Profile

    Did you know that you can search KDE OneStop to find people based on keywords or areas of expertise? That is, as long as they have their Office365 profile completed!
  • Tech Tip 222 - Outlook Rules - Organization Made Easy

    Outlook Rules help you organize your e-mail and improve efficiency. Watch this week's Tech Tip for 3 quick tips to getting started!
  • Tech Tip 221 - Find the Right Room for Your Meeting

    Need a conference room, but unsure of how many people will fit or what type of equipment is available for use? Using the Outlook client application, you can look up this information! For written instructions, click here.
  • Tech Tip 220 - Outlook Room Finder Scheduling Made Easy

    Scheduling a meeting? Use Outlook’s room finder and scheduling assistant to make finding an available conference room easy!
  • Tech Tip 219 - Manually Sync OneDrive

    This week’s Tech Tip will explain how to manually sync your OneDrive for Business folder.
  • Tech Tip 218 - What is Open House

    Open House can be found from the homepage, but what's really there? Watch this week's Tech Tip to find out!
  • Tech Tip 217 - Connecting to AppleTV

    Most conference rooms at KDE now have an AppleTV connected to each display. This week's Tech Tip walks you through connecting your iPad to the AppleTV. 
  • Tech Tip 216 - Recording with Lync

    To record a meeting or your screen to share with others, use Lync’s recording option.
  • Tech Tip 215 - Introducing KDE OneStop

    KDE OneStop is the new one-stop SharePoint platform for storing files, sharing information, and working together. Watch today’s Tech Tip to explore the different ways to get to KDE OneStop.


  • Tech Tip 214 - Presentation Tips

    Slides with too many words, too much clipart, and too small of font are problematic. We've all been there. This week's Tech Tip reviews tips for keeping your presentations simple and effective.


  • Tech Tip 213 - Prior Versions in OneDrive

    Did you know that OneDrive saves prior versions of your documents? Any edits made to a document saved in OneDrive can be found, compared and recovered using Version History.


  • Tech Tip 212 - Who is Everyone

    You may have noticed a folder called “Shared with Everyone” in your OneDrive for Business. In this tech tips we explore the question, Who is Everyone?

  • Tech Tip 211 - Click, Drag and Scroll

    Move through computer tasks more quickly with these click, drag and scroll tips.
  • Tech Tip 210 - Coming Soon to a Computer Near You!

    Introducing SharePoint Online!
  • Tech Tip 209 - How Do I Use Problem Steps Recorder

    We’ve all been there, a car makes an awful noise until you get to the garage or a computer won’t work until you get the service desk on the line.


  • Tech Tip 208 - Get There Quickly

    This week, we received a special request for a tech tip that would show ways to access programs that are used daily without searching in the start menu.
  • Tech Tip 207- 7 Keyboard Shortcuts for Daily Use

    I’ve always liked that Windows gives me multiple ways to perform popular tasks.

  • Tech Tip 206 - Discover New Information with the KDE Media Portal

    Each week a tech tip is published in the Commissioner’s newsletter. That tip contains a link to a short video. What if you are looking for another tip? Can’t find the newsletter it was in? Looking for something else entirely?


  • Tech Tip 205 - Share Your Screen in Lync

    Lync makes it possible to share your desktop with others remotely.

  • Tech Tip 204 - Knock, Knock – Are you there Determining availability in Lync

    There are a few things you should remember when instant messaging or video calling someone with Lync.


  • Tech Tip 203 - Finding Conversation History in Lync

    Lync is great for sharing ideas and lots of information via instant message or chat window during a call.

  • Tech Tip 202 - Tag for Status Update in Lync

    ​You need to contact someone using Lync, but they show as busy or away.
  • Tech Tip 201 - KDE Notification System - KDE Notify

    The KDE Notification System (KDE Notify) is a new service provided by the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) and the Office of Knowledge, Information & Data Services.
  • Tech Tip 200 - Adding a Participant to a Lync Call, IM or Meeting

    Have you ever started a call or meeting in Lync only to realize you should have included other people?
  • Tech Tip 199 - Banish Background Noise in Lync

    Blaring horns, barking dogs, fast food orders or crying kids part of the
    background in your Lync meeting? Turn it all off with a click. 

  • Tech Tip 198 - KDE Password Self-Service Coming to KDE


    Changes are coming to the way KDE handles passwords and to the passwords themselves.

  • Tech Tip 197 - How to Schedule a Meeting in Lync using Outlook

    Next time you need to get a group of people together for a meeting, use Lync.  Microsoft Lync makes scheduling a meeting in Outlook easy.
  • Tech Tip 196 - Searching for e-mail in Outlook

    ​Now that many of us have moved our e-mail from .pst files to our inbox, the amount of information to search through has grown. Use the Search Tools ribbon to help you set the scope of your search, refine your search or reuse past searches. This tech tip will cover all of the features available on the Search Tools ribbon.


  • Tech Tip 195 - OneDrive for Business Shortcuts

    This is for KDE Use Only

  • Tech Tip 194 - What About My Timesheet

    For KDE Internal Use Only.
  • Tech Tip 193 - New Phone Directory Features

    ​Wonder what that directory button on the phone does?
  • Tech Tip 192 - Change View in OneDrive for Business

    ​OneDrive for Business allows you to select how you view your documents.


  • Tech Tip 191 - SkyDrive Pro Has a New Name Meet OneDrive for Business

    ​That’s right, SkyDrive Pro is now OneDrive for Business. While OneDrive for Business might be a new name, the same features and functions from SkyDrive Pro are still available.
  • Tech Tip 190 - Snap Arrange Windows Side By Side

    ​When working on more than one document at the same time, it’s often difficult to juggle between windows.  By using the snap keyboard shortcuts you can quickly arrange windows side by side.
  • Tech Tip 189 - Stop Sharing in SkyDrive Pro

    Project has ended? Project team has changed? No longer want to share a document? This week’s tech tip will show you how to stop sharing.
  • Tech Tip 188 - Where did it go Change Your Default Save Location to SkyDrive Pro

    Now that you have all of your documents moved to SkyDrive Pro, make sure you change your default save location in all of the Office products to SkyDrive Pro. This video will show you how to make that change.
  • Tech Tip 187 - Have a Voice Blog in Office365

    ​The tech tip this week is brought to you by the Cumberland County High School STLP team. Let them share their knowledge about setting up and using the Office365 blog to provide experiences and useful information.
  • Tech Tip 186 - SkyDrive Pro Recycle Bin Oh No Where Did It Go

    You may have experienced that moment of panic when you realize you just deleted something you need. Now that all of your documents are on SkyDrive Pro, how do you recover them?
  • Tech Tip 185 - How do I Share My Calendar with Everyone in KDE

    Great question! With a few clicks of the mouse, you can share your calendar with everyone in KDE. Giving them access allows them to see when you are busy or free.
  • Tech Tip 184 - Share-Collaborate-Co Author--You Mean We Can Both Work on a Document at the Same Time

    Ever had a need to work with someone else on a document?  And they aren’t available to come to your desk – maybe they are across the state?  Just use SkyDrive Pro!
  • Tech Tip 183 - Get There Quick - Shortcuts to SkyDrive Pro

    Over the past few weeks you’ve learned what amazing things SkyDrive Pro can do. This week we take a look at creating shortcuts, the easy way, to your SkyDrive Pro folder and SkyDrive Pro online. 

  • Tech Tip 182 - Tis the Season for Sharing – Sharing Files in SkyDrive Pro

    This video will give you details on how to share files within SkyDrive Pro with your co-workers, everyone in KDE and the districts or selected people anywhere around the world. 

  • Tech Tip 181 - Connecting Collaborating Sharing With Office 365 Ahhh I Shared Too Much

    ​All of the tools in Office 365 are connected, and sharing with others is extremely easy. This week’s video will help you take a closer look at ways to share with Office 365.

  • Tech Tip 180 - Get it Together – SkyDrive Pro

    Have files stored on your hard drive, desktop and on the file server? Want to access them from any device? Then it’s time to move to them all to your SkyDrive Pro folder.
  • Tech Tip 179 - Up Up and Always Available Moving Email from PST to the Inbox

    ​Do you have e-mails stored in a .PST file (personal folder)? Do you want to have access to them from any device on or off the network? Then it’s time to move to the cloud … well … to your inbox.
  • Tech Tip 178 - Be a Pro With SkyDrive Pro

    With SkyDrive Pro, you can sync your files between your computer and the cloud with the click of a button, access it from virtually anywhere and share it with anyone.
  • Tech Tip 177 - Catch the Wave - Wave 15, That is

    Last week, we introduced some of the upcoming enhancements with the Office 365 Upgrade (Wave 15). Now that it’s complete, come hang 10 with us as we show you some of the enhanced navigation. 

  • Tech Tip 176 - Introducing Office 365 Upgrade

    ​Find out more about the features that will be available with the new, improved Office 365 upgrade.
  • Tech Tip 175 - Identity theft – You Won’t Know Until it’s Too Late

    Because it’s so difficult to prosecute, identity theft is one of the fastest-growing and most lucrative crimes. Watch this video and then visit the KDE Cyber Security Program page for information and how to protect yourself from identity theft.
  • Tech Tip 174 - Can a Computer Catch a Cold

    It’s always cold and flu season for your computer; keep it safe from worms and viruses. Watch the video and then visit the KDE Cyber Security Program page for more about worms and viruses.

  • Tech Tip 173 - Don't Get Caught by a 'Phishing' Lure

    ​Preying on our good nature, crooks are getting better at tricking you into willingly giving up personal information. Watch this video and then visit the KDE Cyber Security Program page for more about the scam known as “phishing.”
  • Tech Tip 172 - Can Stronger Passwords Actually Be Fun

    Create a strong password that you can actually remember! Say “Goodbye, gibberish!” and “Hello, fun, memorable gibberish!”


  • Tech Tip 171 - Keyboard Shortcuts for Word

    Here are a few quick-key combinations that will help speed things up when using Word:
  • Tech Tip 170 - Add Lync Instant Messaging Contact to Your Outlook Signature

    Common Outlook signatures include name, title, address, phone number and e-mail. Try adding your Lync contact to allow others to contact you directly.
  • Tech Tip 169 - Three Ways to Edit a File in SharePoint

    There are three ways you can edit a file in SharePoint.
  • Tech Tip 168 - Organize Your Day with Outlook Today

    Use Microsoft Outlook Today to stay on top of critical tasks and appointments each day.

  • Tech Tip 167 - Grand Opening of the KDE Media Portal

    The KDE Media Portal is a central repository for all KDE videos. KDE staff and others may search current and archived videos using keywords, a tag cloud, calendar or a categorized list.
  • Tech Tip 166 - Stay Connected and Informed with the KDE Mobile News App

    A great way to stay connected and informed of the happening within KDE is by using the web app.
  • Tech Tip 165 - Close an iPad App

    Sometimes, shutting down an errant app is the only way to cure problems with an iPad.
  • Tech Tip 164 - Require Check Out Before Editing in a SharePoint Library

    When a SharePoint library contains documents that many people will be collaborating on, requiring check out before allowing someone to edit will prevent multiple users from overwriting one another’s changes.
  • Tech Tip 163 - Creating an Alert on a Library in SharePoint

    Creating an alert on a library in SharePoint allows you to receive automatic notification when something changes.
  • Tech Tip 162 - Map a Drive to a SharePoint Library

    Mapping a drive to a SharePoint library allows for fast access using fewer clicks.
  • Tech Tip 161- Saving Files Directly to SharePoint

    Rather than saving a file to your computer and then uploading to SharePoint, you can save directly to SharePoint from any Microsoft Office 2010 program using the following steps.
  • Tech Tip 160 - Setting Up E-mail on a Mobile Device

    The use of mobile e-mail has increased as devices have become more sophisticated. Setting up access to your work e-mail on a mobile device takes just a few clicks.
  • Tech Tip 159 - Mobile Device Remote Wipe

    Smartphone, tablet or other handheld mobile device lost or stolen? That moment of panic when you realize everything you have stored on the device could be in someone else’s hands can be very frightening. Is someone sending e-mails under your account, buying things with the apps you have installed or downloading all those passwords you have stored?
  • Tech Tip 158 - Check E-mail From Anywhere

    Still need to keep up with e-mail when away from the office this summer? At home? In the Bahamas? Visiting family? No problem. With Office 365, you can check e-mail from any computer connected to the internet.
  • Tech Tip 157 - Learn How to Use Automatic Replies

    Last weeks Tech Tip 156 was for internal use only, therefore we did not publish it to this site. 

    Now that summer has arrived, we will provide tips to make being away from the office easier.

  • Tech Tip 155 - Use the Windows Arror Keys to Manipulate Windows

    Try these tricks to move open windows around with your keyboard:

  • Tech Tip 154 - Keyboard Shortcuts for Macs

    Past Tech Tips have provided many keyboard shortcuts for PC users. What about shortcuts for Mac users?

  • Tech Tip 153 - Finding a Misplaced E-mail Message or Document

    Have you ever misplaced a document or needed to find a message that you sent or received a long time ago? If manually searching your computer is not helping, try this tip in Windows 7.

  • Tech Tip 152 - Sharing in Lync

    Lync makes it possible to share your desktop with others remotely. During an online meeting or conversation, you can share the desktop, present a PowerPoint presentation, use a whiteboard or give others control of your screen.

  • Tech Tip 151 - Manage Recordings in Lync Recording Manager

    ​With Microsoft Lync 2010 Recording Manager, you can manage the Microsoft Lync 2010 conversations and meetings that you have recorded.
  • Tech Tip 150 - Lync Conversation History

    Lync is great for sharing ideas and lots of information via instant message or chat window during a call. But once the Lync window closes, the information is gone – or is it? Here are a few ways to quickly find chat history:

  • Tech Tip 149 - Digital Citizenship Reminders When Using Lync

    You may be thinking, “Now that I have Lync, who needs to talk to someone, use the phone or e-mail. I will instant message them or video call them anytime I want something.” Wait!
  • Tech Tip 148 - Tips for using Lync

    If you’ve been thinking, “I have Lync, I think I will schedule a meeting with everyone I know in KDE and several districts,” – WAIT!
  • Tech Tip 147 - Introducing Lync

    Similar to Skype, Microsoft Lync is a software tool used to collaborate and communicate with others.
  • Tech Tip 146 - KDE Upgrading to Office 365

    KDE and all K-12 staff will be upgrading to Microsoft’s Office 365 platform this weekend beginning at 6 p.m. EST. Service will be restored by 7 a.m. EST Monday Feb. 18. Please note that there may be time when e-mail is inaccessible during this maintenance window.

  • Tech Tip 145 Set Up a Toolbar for Your Desktop Icons

    Toolbars can be helpful by allowing you to access files, folders and programs with the click of the mouse. The desktop toolbar has icons for all items that are on the desktop so that you can see and access all items on your desktop directly from the toolbar.

  • Tech Tip 144 - Quickly View Your Recent Web History

    The forward and back buttons on browser toolbars not only allow you to return to pages you have already visited but, by clicking and holding the back button, a list of your recent browsing history will appear.
  • Tech Tip 143 - KDE News Mobile App for Windows Phone is Now Available

    Last October, KDE introduced the KDE News Mobile App for the iPhone, iPod touch (3rd generation) and iPad. Windows phone users, the app is now available for you.​
  • Tech Tip 142 - More Keyboard Shortcuts in Word 2010

    Many of these special character and document formatting shortcuts aren’t used very often. Why do a tip on them then? Unless you use them often, they can be hard to find when you need them.​
  • Tech Tip 141 - What is today's date?

    When adding todays date in a Microsoft Word document, use the keyboard shortcut Shift+Alt+D.​
  • Tech Tip 140 - Introducing My Site

    Tip 140 is intended for KDE staff only. 


  • Tech Tip 139 - Using the Windows SkyDrive

    An amazing tool in Office 2010 is the SkyDrive. With the SkyDrive you can store documents in a central location and access them from wherever you are.
  • Tech Tip 138 - ’Tis the Season

    Now that we have entered the holiday season, online shopping increases and so does your risk of someone getting your personal and credit card information. Here are a few tips that will help keep your information safe:
  • Tech Tip 137 - Turn Outlook Desktop Alerts On and Off

    A desktop alert is a notification that appears on your desktop when you receive a new e-mail message, meeting request or task. By default, desktop alerts are turned on.
  • Tech Tip 136 - Auto Arrange Your Desktop

    If your Windows 7 desktop has icons scattered everywhere, right-click in an open space and select View, then Auto arrange icons.

  • Tech Tip 135 - Create a New Search Folder in Outlook

    One of the most underused features of Outlook is the search folder. The search folder allows for quick and easy filtering of your e-mail based on conditions you customize.

  • Tech Tip 134 - Keep Your Applications Updated

    We all make mistakes. Sometimes we don’t even know we’ve made a mistake until it’s pointed out to us. Software programmers, the people who write the applications for computers, tablets and smartphones, are no different.

  • Tech Tip 133 - Risks of Peer-to-Peer File Sharing

    Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file sharing (think Napster, Bit Torrent and Kazaa) lets users quickly share files housed on their personal computers with others around the world. Using P2P software can be convenient, but it also can put your computer, and the information that’s on your computer, at risk. Keep in mind that whatever and whomever you touch in cyberspace is touching you back. 

  • Tech Tip 132 - Smartphone and Tablet Security

    It’s amazing how fast a technology that works will take off and be adopted. Smartphones and slate devices have, by virtue of their portability, ease of use and immense functionality, done more to advance the adoption of technology than the last 20 years of personal computers. But just because they are easy doesn’t make them safe.

  • Tech Tip 131 - ID Theft Prevention

    ID theft is a crime that occurs when a thief steals enough of someone else’s information to be able to impersonate that person. There are many reasons why someone would want to steal your identity.

  • Tech Tip 130 - Uses For The Middle Mouse Button (wheel)

    Most KDE computer users have a mouse topped with two large buttons with a middle button (a wheel) between them. Most people are familiar with the functions of the left and right buttons, but they may be underusing the middle mouse button.
  • Tech Tip 129 - How Many Keystrokes Does It Take To Add A Solid Line

    In a Word Document, about 85 – one to hold the Shift key down and another 84 hits of the Hyphen\Underline key. Here’s a tip that will shave off 80 keystrokes and leave a perfectly straight solid line. 

  • Tech Tip 128 - Customize Shortcuts to Your Favorite Websites

    People have different ways to get the same things done. To look up a favorite website, some people use the start menu, others prefer desktop shortcuts, and still more use the favorites menu in Internet Explorer.
  • Tech Tip 127 - Keep a file on the Office Recent Documents list

    An excellent Office 2010 feature, which works in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access, is the ability to keep or “pin” a file in the Recent Documents list.

  • Tech Tip 126 - Mapping a network drive

    ​If there is a folder on the network that you use frequently, the fastest and easiest way to access it is through a mapped drive.

  • Tech Tip 125 - Sharing information from the KDE News App

    ​The KDE News App is not only a great way to stay aware and informed of the happenings within KDE but also to share that information. Use the app’s options to share information with friends, family and colleagues.

  • Tech Tip 124 - Setting up the KDE News App

    After you download the KDE News App from the iTunes Store and install it on your smartphone or tablet device, you can adjust the settings.
  • Tech Tip 123 - New KDE Mobile App

    KDE has released a new mobile app for the iPhone, iPod touch (3rd generation) and iPad called KDE News.
  • Tech Tip 122 - Secure Your Smartphone

    A study in 2005 found that in one six-month period, about 85,000 phones were left in taxis in Chicago alone. One could assume that even more phones are left behind now than in 2005, since even more people have them.
  • Tech Tip 121 - Connecting Visitors to KDE Wireless Using KDEGUEST

    The process for using KDE’s wireless network has changed.

  • Tech Tip 120 - How to Register Personal Devices to the Wreless Network

    KDE employees using personally owned devices (phone, computer, iPad, etc.) and those visiting KDE should choose KDEGUEST to connect.
  • Tech Tip 119 - Shortcuts to Arrange Your Desktop

    The desktop has a way of getting messy with lots of shortcuts, icons and files. One way to keep things neat and clean is to get Windows 7 to automatically arrange the desktop by right-clicking on the desktop, selecting View and then Auto Arrange Icons. 

  • Tech Tip 118 - Windows Mobility Center (WMC)

    ​Using Windows Mobility Center (WMC), you can quickly access your laptop settings in one convenient location.

  • Tech Tip 117 - USB 3

    ​One goal of the weekly Tech Tips is to provide updates on emerging technology. Welcome to USB 3.0.

  • Tech Tip 116 - Using Conversation View in Outlook

    There are several ways to sort or organize your e-mails within Outlook. Sorting by sender, subject, received date and size are methods many of us have used for a long time.

  • Tech Tip 115 - Transpose Excel Data from a Column to a Row or Vice Versa

    ​Have you ever entered your data in Excel, only to realize that it would be better if your rows were columns and your columns rows? Don’t start retyping. Excel offers a transpose option in the Paste menu. 

  • Tech Tip 114 - Summer school with MIT

    ​The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) provides all of its courses online for free. It’s called OpenCourseWare (OCW), and the goals of the program are to:

  • Tech Tip - 113 - Improve your view

    The sharpness of the text on the screen will vary depending on the monitor, lighting and your eyes; however, most people use the same default text profile. That means a document that appears perfect to one person will appear poor to another when looking at the same monitor. 

  • Tech Tip 112 - Windows 7 calculator

    The Windows 7 calculator offers some very powerful functions hidden within the View menu. 

  • Tech Tip 111 - Create a Web Page Shortcut in Outlook

    How do I create a shortcut for a Web page in Outlook’s Shortcut list?
  • Tech Tip 110 - Go full screen

    When a really big window is needed for viewing photos, videos or a Web page, don't just maximize it – go full screen!
  • Tech Tip 109 - Keyboard shortcuts for Outlook

    ​We have recently explored keyboard shortcuts for Word and Excel. If you found those helpful, here are a few that will help speed things up when using Outlook. 

  • Tech Tip 107 - Google Translate

    Google allows you to translate text or documents into different languages. The translation won’t be perfect, but is good enough to understand the general message.

  • Tech Tip 106 - Sharing your Outlook 2010 calendar

    How do I share my calendar with staff members without sending e-mails? 

  • Tech Tip 105 - Keyboard shortcuts for Excel

    We have covered keyboard shortcuts using the Windows key for Word in past weeks. Here are a few that will help in Excel:

  • Tech Tip 104 - Improving Search Results

    When you’re searching for something on the Web using Google, put quotes around phrases that must be searched together.
  • Tech Tip 103 - Keyboard shortcuts for Word

    ​A recent Tech Tips explored keyboard shortcuts using the Windows key. If you found those helpful, here are a few quick-key combinations that will help speed things up when using Word: 

  • Tech Tip 102 - Navigating Between Excel Worksheets

    Selecting a different worksheet by scrolling through the tabs at the bottom of an Excel document, especially when the worksheet you are looking for is not located near the worksheet you are using, can be difficult and time-consuming. There is, however, an easier way to quickly jump to a different worksheet. 

  • Tech Tip 101 - Maximize Battery Life for Your Laptop

    Ever been in the middle of a very important document only to run out of battery on your laptop computer? Here are a few settings you can change to help maximize the battery life on a laptop: 

  • Tech Tip 100 - We Want to Hear From You

    KETS Tech Tips was started in November 2009 by the Office of KIDS to provide KDE staff with tips and tricks pertaining to new and existing technology. Looking back, the previous 99 tips have tackled a wide variety of products and items such as Microsoft Office, passwords, e-mail, function keys, shortcuts, blogs, toolbars, ribbons and much more. 

  • Tech Tip 99 - Clean Up Outlook Windows

    When replying or forwarding an e-mail, does the original message remain open? You can quickly end up with dozens of messages open, each in their own window.

  • Tech Tip 98 - Keyboard Shortcuts With the Windows Key

    ​Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of two or more keys that, when pressed together, can be used to perform a task that would typically require a mouse.

  • Tech Tip 97 - Insert a Screenshot

    “Send me a screenshot of that.” Those words always bring up the question, “How?” Is it CTRL+ALT+Print Screen or ALT+Print Screen? Wait, my keyboard doesn’t even have a Print Screen.

  • Tech Tip 96 - Quick Steps

    Nope, we aren’t talking about walking across hot pavement to the pool in the summer. It’s the section of buttons in the center of the Ribbon’s Home tab in Outlook.


  • Tech Tip 95 - Where Did That Command Go

    When using the traditional toolbar, everyday commands seemed to be right where they should be. Now they are spread out across tabs in strange locations that only make sense to the person who put them there.


  • Tech Tip 94 - Learning to Love the Ribbon

    With the release of Office 2007 and subsequently Windows 7 and Office 2010, the new Ribbon was the least-liked feature in Microsoft’s software according to many surveys.
  • Tech Tip 93 - Recycle Bin

    Microsoft introduced the Recycle Bin in its current form with Windows 95. However, having a location to delete and store deleted messages was originally introduced around 1982 by Apple. Both iterations allowed a computer to store deleted files and folders for a while.


  • Tech Tip 92 - Windows 7 Gadgets

    Gadgets in Windows 7 are handy tools that can be used to help you get information at a glance. These are visual utilities that run on the desktop and supply up-to-date information. They include things like CPU usage meter, cool clocks, calendars and much more.


  • Tech Tip 91 - Quickly View Outlook Contact Information

    Outlook 2010 has a new feature that allows quick access to information about individuals who have sent you an e-mail. This is built into the bottom of the view pane on the Outlook inbox. This feature allows you to quickly see previous e-mail, contact information and even meetings you have with the individual.
  • Tech Tip 90 - Protecting Your Information

    With some holidays right around the corner, it is a busy shopping time for most people. Bargains offered for events like Black Friday often entice shoppers to spend their money, but be aware this also is a prime time for scams and spammers to try to fool you.
  • Tech Tip 89 - CTRL Z

    Undo most mistakes with a simple keystroke
  • Tech Tip 88 - Online OCR - Converting Images to Text Documents

    ​Converting images to text documents
  • Tech Tip 87 - Sticky Notes in Win 7

    Post-it Notes are a staple in many offices. Windows 7 offers similar functionality with a neat utility called “Sticky Notes.” Sticky notes make it possible to quickly jot down a number or take a memo without having to shuffle through papers or trying to find a pen. You also can format or edit the note at any time.
  • Tech Tip 86 - Save as PDF

    ​Several Office 2010 programs have a feature that allows you to save your work as a PDF without additional software or “plug-ins” as was required in Office 2007. The programs that have this functionality are Word, One Note, PowerPoint and Publisher. 
  • Tech Tip 85 - Windows 7 Magnifier

    Magnifier, part of the Ease of Access center in Windows 7, can magnify all or part of your screen. Magnifying allows you to briefly increase the size of the object on the screen instead of changing the entire screen resolution just to view a few lines of fine print. 
  • Tech Tip - 84 - Windows 7 - Using additional Send To items

    When you right click on any file or folder, specific options appear under the “Send To” menu. For example, you can create zipped folders or send the document to an application.
  • Tech Tip 83 - Windows 7 - Launching Pinned Applications Without the Mouse

    Last week’s Windows 7 tech tip discussed how to pin applications to the taskbar. Today’s tip will show you how to open those pinned applications quickly, without even touching the mouse.
  • Tech Tip 82 - Pin to Taskbar in Windows 7

    ​Pin to Taskbar is a new feature in Windows 7. Pinning a program directly to the taskbar allows for quick and convenient access as opposed to browsing the Start menu.
  • Tech Tip 81 - Windows 7 - Snap

    Snap allows you to automatically resize two windows or programs to fit your entire screen and eliminate any overlap.
  • Tech Tip 80 - Windows 7 Start Menu - Classic View

    In a recent Tech Tips, we discussed the new Start button in Windows 7. However, there is another option if you’d prefer a more traditional navigation menu.  
  • Tech Tip 79 - Outlook 2010 Conversation View

    Outlook 2010 features a default view called Conversation. Conversation view displays your e-mail items grouped by message subject or "thread."
  • Tech Tip 78 - Windows 7 - Shake

    Many new features improve the navigation experience within Windows 7. One such feature is the new “shake” functionality. Shake allows you to focus on one open window even if multiple are open on the screen.
  • Tech Tip 77 - Navigating the Windows 7 Desktop

    While the role of the Windows desktop has not changed over the years, Microsoft has consistently implemented changes that either add functionality or update the look and feel of the desktop.
  • Tech Tip 76 - Windows 7 Start Menu

    To access the Start Menu in Windows 7, push the Windows Start Button at the bottom left of your monitor. 

  • Tech Tip 75 - Productivity Hub

    The Productivity Hub is a SharePoint site on the intranet that includes information and FAQs about software such as Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2010 and SharePoint. The site also contains video tutorials on multiple subjects, including using smart art, how to set up themes, navigating the Windows 7 desktop and more. 
  • Tech Tip 74 - Play it Safe With Free Wi-Fi

    Tech Tip 54 discussed how to properly connect to a publically accessible wireless (Wi-Fi) network and how to validate that you’re connecting to the right network. However, it’s important to note that most free Wi-Fi hotspots provide little-to-no security for your machine or data.
  • Tech Tip 73 - Internet Explorer Shortcuts

    ​There are many shortcut key combinations that can be used with Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer (IE). 
  • Tech Tip 72 - Webmail Address Change

    ​Staff and students can connect to webmail at by providing their e-mail addresses and passwords. However, as of June 30, customers will have to specify the latter part of their e-mail address ( after
  • Tech Tip 71 - Windows Screensaver Tip

    ​There are multiple benefits to checking the screensaver settings on your workstation, including increased security and time-savings.   To see your computer’s settings, navigate to the “Control Panel” on your machine and select “Display.” This will open a dialogue box named “Display Properties” with a few tabs along the top.
  • Tip 70 - Remember to Lock Your Computer

    It’s important to make sure that the organization's data is safe and secure at all times. Locking your workstation when you step away is one of the simplest security steps you can take.
  • Tech Tip 69 - KDE AUP

    Tip 69 is intended for KDE staff only.
  • Tech Tip 68 - Bing 411

    ​Many cell phones are becoming quite advanced, allowing users always to be connected to the Internet. Users may look up anything with their favorite search engines. However, looking at a phone’s screen or typing on a small keyboard for extended periods often can be cumbersome or inconvenient. Likewise, not everyone has a phone with an Internet connection.
  • Tip 67 - Mapping a Drive to a SharePoint Library - May 13th 2011

    Mapping a drive to a SharePoint document library
  • Tech Tip 66 - Force Reply All in Outlook 2007

    E-mail is useful for letting large groups of people see the same information. In some cases, replies to a message should go to everyone while in other cases they should only go to the original sender.
  • Tech Tip 65 - Save All in Word 2007

    ​Versions of Microsoft Word prior to Word 2007 had a little-known feature that allowed you to save all open Word documents at the same time. This feature could be accessed by holding the Shift key while selecting the File menu. However, this shortcut won’t work in Word 2007 and newer versions of the program.
  • Tech Tip 64 - Outlook AutoFill

    Microsoft Outlook has a convenient feature called AutoFill that remembers who you’ve sent e-mails to. This feature was designed to save you time when your send to the same recipients repeatedly. You’ll see this feature when typing recipients into an e-mail message. However, this feature can also cause confusion and errors if it’s not maintained.
  • Tech Tip 63 - Office Clipboard

    If you’ve ever needed to copy and paste multiple items at the same time, Office Clipboard might be the tool you’ve been looking for. This week’s tech tip comes directly from
  • Tech Tip 62 - Prezi

    Those of you who frequently use PowerPoint or other presentation software may have heard of is an alternative to PowerPoint that allows you to create presentations, edit saved presentations, download presentations for offline use, and even collaborate on presentations with your colleagues via the Internet. Additionally, the collaboration features in Prezi allow multiple people to edit shared presentations simultaneously, in real-time. You also can upload existing PowerPoint presentations and convert them to Prezi for more unique and engaging presentations. 
  • Tech Tip 61 - 15 PowerPoint Tips

    ​There are numerous resources online for tips and tricks associated with the Microsoft Office Productivity Suite.
  • Tech Tip 60 - Tables in Word 2007

    You can easily create tables in Word 2007 without touching the mouse. This is accomplished by using the pipe key, also referred to as the vertical bar, and the underscore key. The pipe key is on the same key as the backslash (\), just above the enter key on most keyboards. You’ll need to hold down shift and then hit the pipe key simultaneously to get a character that looks like this: |.
  • Tech Tip 59 - Technology Lingo

    ​​The technology industry churns out new acronyms and buzz words at a staggering rate. While most of these words are industry specific, and you may never hear them, others make it into our lexicon as their associated technologies are adopted into mainstream society.
  • Tech Tip 58 - What is cloud Computing

    ​You’ve probably heard the term “cloud” or “cloud computing” hundreds of times in reference to a piece of technology or a technical service. But what exactly is cloud computing and how did we get here?
  • Tech Tip 57 - Smartphone Security

    The sale of smartphones – mobile phones that offer computing capabilities – are on the rise with no end in sight. According to the Associated Press, “Worldwide, consumer electronics makers shipped 100.9 million smartphones in the last three months of 2010, an 87 percent jump from a year earlier. PC shipments were weaker than expected, edging up just 3 percent to 92.1 million.”
  • Tech Tip 56 - Maximize the Charge

    Laptop battery best practices – Maximize the charge
  • Tech Tip 55 - KDE Intranet - Productivity Hub

    The new KDE Intranet will be on Sharepoint. Items are being migrated from the “old” Intranet site to this new site.
  • Tech Tip 54 - Wi-Fi Hotspots - Check Before You Connect

    A Wi-Fi hotspot is a location that offers Internet access over a wireless network. These hotspots often can be found in restaurants, airports and other public spaces. As the popularity and dependence on hotspots rise through the mass adoption of smartphones, laptops and other devices, so do outbreaks of malicious activity by hackers. Intel Corporation recently released a list of nine things you should never do while connected on a public Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Tech Tip 53 - Introduction to Bing, launched by Microsoft in June 2009, describes itself as a decision engine as opposed to search engine. A search initiated on Bing will return results that are sorted into logical categories as well as providing you with the syntax of similar searches initiated by other users. Bing also highlights instant answers in the search results.
  • Tech Tip 52 - Delay E-mail Delivery in Outlook 2007

    Using delayed delivery options in Outlook 2007 can make scheduling conflicts easier to navigate. For example, if you need to send a time-sensitive e-mail at 3 p.m. but also have a meeting scheduled for the same time, delayed e-mail delivery can help you meet both commitments.
  • Tech Tip 51 - Check Before Leaving the Office

    The holiday season is in full swing, and the end of the year is quickly approaching. As you’re making last-minute preparations to be away, here are a few items to check if you plan to take your laptop.
  • Tech Tip 50 - URL Shorteners

    The address of an individual Web page is a Uniform Resource Locator, or URL for short. Depending on how a website is built, the URL in the address bar can grow very lengthy as you click on links and move deeper into a particular site; the more you click, the larger the URL will often get. This lends itself to long URLs that are difficult to read and nearly impossible to remember. You may not be concerned with this until you need to share a link with others via e-mail, social networks, newsletters, blog posts and more.
  • Tech Tip 49 - Twitter Lists and Search

    Tech tip 47 gave a brief overview of how the micro-blogging site works. This article discusses the Lists and Search features of Twitter.
  • Tech Tip 46 - Three Quick Tips for Word, Outlook and PowerPoint

    ​Want to learn some quick tips for Word, Uutlook and PowerPoint?
  • Tech Tip 48 - Creating a Twitter Account

    The last Tech Tip, Twitter 101, discussed several basic functions and terms you’ll encounter when conversing via the social media site Here’s how to create a new account and join the conversation.
  • Tech Tip 47 - Twitter 101

    ​In tech tip 18, we discussed blogging and briefly mentioned as a micro-blogging site. A micro-blogging site is a blog that limits the length of posts to a certain number of characters –140 in Twitter’s case. Twitter is free and it’s by far the most popular micro-blogging site in the world with more than 100 million users.
  • Tech Tip 45 - Cyber Bullying pt. 2 of 2

    ​In recognition of October being National Bullying Prevention Month, this week’s tech tip gives you facts about cyber bullying as provided by the Kentucky Center for School Safety (KCSS). Please share this information with the kids in your life.
  • Tech Tip 44 - Cyber Bullying pt. 1 of 2

    In recognition of October being National Bullying Prevention Month, this week’s tech tip will address cyber bullying and provides you with several tips and resources to share with the kids in your life. 
  • Tech Tip 43 - Five Quick Tips

    Tip 43 addresses five quick tips that you should know.
  • Tech Tip 42 - Co-authoring in Office Web Apps

    ​Check out Tip 42 to learn how Web Apps in Live@edu can be used for document collaboration directly in the cloud from any computer.
  • Tech Tip 41 - Live Web Apps

    ​The Web Apps in Live@edu can be used to create documents directly in the cloud from any computer. To access the Web Apps, log into webmail and select the options beneath the “Office” drop-down list on the collaboration toolbar. Remember: Think of Web Apps as the tools you’ll use to create documents in the cloud and the SkyDrive as the place you’ll store and share them.
  • Tech Tip 40 - SkyDrive

    The SkyDrive is a Live@edu collaboration tool that allows for both document storage and sharing in the cloud.  As a reminder, the SkyDrive can be accessed via  For easier navigation, use the ‘More’ drop-down list in the webmail collaboration toolbar to access the SkyDrive.  The SkyDrive provides each KDE employee, teacher, staff member, and student in the state with 25 GB of free, password-protected online storage.  This allows you the freedom to share large files and other documents as your work requires.  
  • Tech Tip 39 - The Collaboration Toolbar

    Over the next several weeks, this column will highlight features of the collaboration tools that come with being a Live@edu customer. This week is an introduction to the collaboration toolbar that has been enabled in webmail since it was launched May 24.
  • Tech Tip 38 - Tile Your Screen in Windows XP

    Have you ever needed to see two or more windows on your screen at the same time but also needed the windows equally sized? You can do this quickly and easily without having to manually resize and align each window.
  • Tech Tip 37 - KETS Contract Hardware

    ​All students, parents, faculty and staff have the option to buy computer hardware using the Kentucky Department of Education’s contract.
  • Tech Tip 36 - Academic Discount Software

    Kentucky students, faculty and staff are eligible to purchase software at academic discount prices.  The Student Select contract allows you to purchase software for up to 50% and 90% off the standard retail price.
  • Tech Tip 35 - Microsoft Word Checks for Overused Words

    ​Have you ever written a document and been concerned that you may have overused a specific word or term throughout the text?  If so, there’s a tool in Word that allows you to check that.  To use the tool follow these steps.
  • Tech Tip 31 - Out of Office Assistant

    ​Is it time for a break or getaway?  If so, be sure to set your Out of office assistant (OOA) message before you leave.  Doing so will keep your co-workers aware of your absence and your customers apprised of your return date.  Setting the OOA in Outlook 2007 is quite simple and with webmail (Outlook Live) it can be done from virtually anywhere.   To view the instructions below with screenshots, please visit the attachment below.
  • Tech Tip 34 - Alt Navigation in Office 2007

    If you’ve ever been working in Office 2007 and found it inconvenient to reach over and use the mouse to navigate, this tip is for you.
  • Tech Tip 30 - Taking a Screenshot

    Have you ever wished you could take a picture of something on your computer screen?  Maybe a quirky error message pops up and you want to be able to show someone else.  Well here is how to take a quick “screen shot” and some options for what to do once you have it.
  • Tech Tip 33 - Quickly Navigate Between Excel Worksheets

    Large Excel documents often contain so many worksheets that you can’t view them all at the bottom without scrolling to find them.  Even with a wide-screen display, there’s no way to get them all in for easy navigation. 
  • Tech Tip 29 - Can You Catch a Phish

    ​With every generation and social advancement there are always con artists who labor to take advantage of others.  The schemes we see today are really no different than the schemes from centuries before, just the same old tricks leveraging new technology.  I believe that John Stark, chief of the Office of Internet Enforcement at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), put it best, “Fraud today has a technological twist, but is really old wine in new bottles. The Internet is a great tool for the con artist, though also a tool for law enforcement because it provides a trail.”
  • Tech Tip 32 - Drive Letters and Network Folders

    Have you ever told someone that you saved something on the Z drive just to be told that they don’t have a Z drive?  This can be a frustrating and confusing exchange but it doesn’t have to be. 
  • Tech Tip 28 - One-Click Chart in Excel

    If you ever need a chart in a hurry or you just want to check trends in your data, you can create a chart in Excel with a single keystroke.
  • Tech Tip 27 - Sharing Your Outlook 2007 Calendar Without Sending e-mails

    ​If you’d like to share your calendar with all staff members without sending emails to anyone, please follow the instructions below.  To see these instructions with screenshots, please click the attachments below. 

  • Tech Tip 26 - Outlook 2007 Mailbox Rules

    Instructions on exporting and importing mailbox rules in Outlook 2007
  • Tech Tip 25 - KETS Service Desk Hours Changing and Live Email

    The KETS Service Desk is changing hours and also announcing new Live@edu e-mail system. 

  • Tech Tip 24 - Installing Software

    Most of us have heard the saying, “With great power comes great responsibility”.  This saying translates well into the technology we use here at KDE.  As most of you probably know, each KDE staff member has the ability to install software and uninstall software on your KDE issued laptop or desktop.   While this level of access is available to you, it can lead to possible issues.
  • Tech Tip 23 - Quick Tabs and Tab Lists in IE7

    When multitasking with several different websites in Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) it’s often difficult to remember which web page is located on which tab, especially if you have numerous tabs open or if the tab titles are less than descriptive.  The Quick Tabs and Tab List buttons exist for this reason. 
  • Tech Tip 22 - Google Translate

    ​Need to translate text from one language to another in a hurry?  Google Translate might be the solution you’ve been looking for.
  • Tech Tip 21 - Compressing Pictures in Office 2007

    Adding pictures to a document or email can bring a simple message to life.  However, if not created properly, these messages can take on a life of their own, but it doesn’t have to be that way.
  • Tech Tip 20 - Internet Toolbars

    ​We see it quite often, someone can’t surf the Internet or they’re not able to use a certain function of a website. Most often the culprit is a toolbar that’s been installed in Internet Explorer. While toolbars can be quite useful for some Internet websites, they can also be problematic. We see the following two issues most frequently. 
  • Tech Tip 19 - KETSmail Functions

    In Tech Tip #17 we discussed what ketsmail is, how to get to the website and how to login.  In this tech tip we’re diving a little deeper to discuss 2 functions of ketsmail that go beyond email.
  • Tech Tip 18 - Blogs

    ​A blog (a contraction of the term “web log”) is a web site that contains an online personal or professional journal with reflections, comments, and often links to other blogs or websites provided by the writer. 

  • Tech Tip 17 - KETSmail 101

    ​The website allows you to access your KDE e-mail, calendar, contacts, tasks, journal, notes, and RSS feeds when you don’t have access to your KDE laptop or workstation.


  • Tech Tip 16 - Function Keys

    ​The function keys on a keyboard are often overlooked by most users, including some of the most technical savvy users.


  • Tech Tip 15 - Five Quick Internet Tips

    ​Five Quick Internet Tips


  • Tech Tip 14 - When to turn Proxy Settings On or Off

    ​If you’ve ever taken your laptop home, away on business, or have plans to do so in the future, you’ll want to know how to turn off/on the KDE proxy settings.


  • Tech Tip 13 - Phishing

    ​Phishing is a scam by which an e-mail user is duped into revealing personal or confidential information which the scammer can use illicitly.


  • Tech Tip 12 - Passphrasing

    ​While choosing a complex password is critical to protecting the integrity of your network, the task of remembering your password doesn’t have to be difficult.


  • Tech Tip 11 - Password Reset Tips

    ​This week's KETS Tech Tip is an internal KDE communication.  Please contact the KETS Service Desk at if you have any questions.

  • Tech Tip 10 - Office 2007 Documentation and Self-Paced Training

    ​As you may be well aware, many functions have changed in Office 2007 from the days of Office 2003. 

  • Tech Tip 9 - Five Quick Tips

    ​Here are five quick-and-easy tips for several tools you’re already using:

  • Tech Tip 8 - Collaboration in 2010

    ​Thomas Edison, when asked why he had a team of twenty-one assistants, he responded “If I could solve all the problems myself, I would.”  Even Thomas Edison, who held 1,093 patents, understood the value of teamwork. 
  • Tech Tip 7 - Password Policy Change

    ​This week's KETS Tech Tip is an internal KDE communication.  Please contact the KETS Service Desk at if you have any questions.


  • Tech Tip 6 - Items to check before leaving the office

    ​The holiday season is in full swing, and the end of the year is quickly approaching. As you’re making last-minute preparations to be away from the office, here are a few items to check before you leave with laptop in tow... 

  • Tech Tip 5 - Outlook Personal Folders

    ​Last week we discussed e-mail limits and alerts. This week we’ll delve into personal folders and how these folders can help you manage e-mail more efficiently. Personal folders are also referred to as “.pst files” because “.pst” is the file extension, much like “.doc” is the extension for a Word document or “.xls” is the extension for an Excel file. 

  • Tech Tip 4 - E-mail Limits and Alerts

    ​You probably receive a friendly notification several times per year stating that “your mailbox is over the size limit.” Each customer of the e-mail system has a piece of physical space carved out on the KDE e-mail server that is dedicated specifically to him or her.


  • Tech Tip 3 - Text Formatting in Microsoft Word

    ​As far back as the 1500s, printers and typesetters used dummy text known as Lorem Ipsum when working on publication layouts. They did this because they realized that editors were distracted by the text in a document even if they only wanted them to critique the layout.
  • Tech Tip 2 - Using Delegates in Microsoft Outlook

    We’ve all seen it happen before: an e-mail or meeting request is sent from one person in the organization to another and somehow it’s magically delivered to everyone … EVERYONE!! It’s a frightening experience. The sender is thinking, “What did I send, did I share confidential information, and did this really go to everyone?” Believe it or not, this could happen to any of us. 
  • Tech Tip 1 - Introducing the Office 2007 Ribbon

    The Microsoft Office suite has undergone significant changes in the newest version. In previous versions of Office, you accessed most of its formatting and product functions through drop-down menus across the top of the screen. This meant it could take several clicks to get where you wanted or to perform a task. The key to using Office 2007 efficiently is the Ribbon. The Ribbon replaces the standard menu bar from previous versions of Office and most Windows applications.
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