STLP - Awards and Recognition

Published: 6/5/2013 3:15 PM
Awards and Recognition
One strategy for maintaining a strong program is to offer several levels of recognition.

School Level Recognition
Many districts recognize STLP student school accomplishments at local school board meetings. PTA or PTO meetings are another forum where students can show off their skills and accomplishments while involving parents and community members.
Many schools award lapel pins as an honor for STLP students. Most school web sites, created by Student Technology Leaders, also feature projects done by the school's STLP. End-of-the-year awards and honors programs at the school provide an excellent opportunity to recognize students, making the school and the community aware of the products and services the STLP offer. Most STLP work with local media to publicize the program. Some local cable channels offer video created by Student Technology Leaders.
All this coverage is a way to begin recruiting new members for the following year. The coverage helps when schools need community support and resources.



Outstanding School Award:  Silver & Gold

A school may apply for Gold and Silver Status and be recognized at the annual awards program. 
District Level Recognition
Many districts are organizing district showcases and involving the community as judges or honored guests. This is an excellent way to showcase student talent.
Organizing and conducting community service learning projects for charitable organizations, local businesses is a good way to showcase students' talent.
Summer Camps allow for students to come together to share and learn new skills. Many camps allow for fellow students to teach others. Parents are very supportive of camps.



Outstanding District: TITANIUM & PLATINUM
Districts may apply for platinum and titanium status and be recognized at the annual awards' program. 
Twenty (22) schools districts have reached the titanium or platinum level.



Platinum  Districts
2004 Barren County   
2004 Crittenden County   
2004 Kenton County   
2004 Pike County   
2005 Fayette County
2005 Magoffin County
2006 Bourbon County   
2006 Covington Independent   
2006 Jackson County    
2006 Jefferson County
2006 Shelby County
2006 Taylor County
2007 Meade County
2007 Montgomery County
2008 Ashland Independent      
2008 Newport Independent
2008 Madison County-Titanium  District
2009 Christian County
2009 Danville Independent
2009 Warren County
2010 Fleming County
2011 Lyon County
2012 Fairview Independent



Regional Level Recognition
Is your school participating in the fall showcase? The showcase allows students from around the region to learn from each other. It also provides an opportunity for them to attend an event on a college campus. Research tells us that even that small exposure increases the probability that those students will attend college! STLP students that attend Regional Showcases are given certificates of participation.



State Level Recognition
State Championship Awards given at Rupp Arena annually are:  



Ambassador award is given to an individual for his/her continual dedication to STLP at the local, district or state level.



Beth Henderson 120% Effort is given to STLP Coordinators that have shown extra effort with guiding the school STLP. This award is named for the late STLP Coordinator Beth Henderson of Christian County. Retaining Gold School projects are automatically nominated from emails that contain a favorite project.



Champion Award is given to a CIO/TRT who has assisted the school/district STLP. Schools nominate the person.



Friends of STLP
Schools may nominate a person(s), business or agency in the community that has supported STLP with can be in-kind support, technical advice, mentoring or other resources.



Gold School and District Award
Schools and district self-nominate for the Gold or Silver School Award and the Titanium or Platinum Districts will be recognized.



Hall of Fame in 2015
Every three years, the Hall of Fame will be given to an outstanding graduated STLP studentwho is a leader. The former STLP student has given continual support to STLP after graduating. The student excels in their chosen field or career. The first Hall of Fame was given in 2012.



Live Performance Competitions
Students scoring the top first and second place in Live Performances will be recognized at the awards program.



Lydia Wells Sledge MVP
The award is given by KIDS. The award honors an individual who has made significant contributions to students using technology in the state of Kentucky. These contributions must demonstrate a professional commitment in advocating progress in providing technology opportunities for students. Lydia Wells Sledge was Director of the Office of Education Technology andwas an integral part of the Kentucky Education Technology System (KETS)- part of the historic landmark Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA). She was instrumental in developing STLP, setting a vision for instructional uses of the KETS system,and a mentor to many educators in education technology.



Outstanding Students
Outstanding students will be recognized. The criteria reflect the ISTE Student Standards. STLP Coordinators work with the student to collect and submit evidence.



Showcase Projects at State
The judged projects will be recognized: Best in Group, 7 Runners Up and the 3 Best in Kentucky.



STLP Finalist Products
First and second place finalists per category per grade level will be recognized on stage.



STLP Services
All service groups will be recognized on stage.
State Awards for STLP
Best IT Collaboration May 2009 Award, 2001
Compaq 5 Year Achievement Award, 1998
National Recognition
Woodford County High School,ThinkQuest International Award, 2012.
Charles Russell Elementary and Woodford County High School, ThinkQuest International Award, 2011
Elizabethtown High School, Robert F. Kennedy Contest.  2009
Johnson Elementray School, Ft. Thomas Independent, Be An Inventor, PSA National Competition sponsored by Ad Council, Sony and Discovery Education, $22,000 in software and lincenses, 2009
Mullins School, Pike County, Ten Star Award, video production: "My Story: Sgt. Dallas Samons, WWII Veteran", 2009
South Floyd High School, Marvo Entertainment, Silver Communicator Award of Distinction, HorseSmarts: Essential Advice for Today’s Horse Owner, 2009.
Middletown Elementary School, Jefferson County, Brightside Fred Wiche Award, 2006
Edmonson County 5/6 Center, First Place Video, Child Fatality Review- ATV Safety
Tyner Elementary School, Jackson County, STLP Project, May/June Disabled American Veterans, 2006
Clays Mill Elementary School, Fayette County, Internet Safety Book, 2006
Two Rivers Middle School, Covington Independent, US Army's ecybermission Award, 2006
Henry County High School, I Can, National Television Academy Award of Excellence May 2004
Holmes High School, Covington Independent, Channel ONE Award for Student Webmaster
Golden Web Award ,International Association of Web Masters and Designers, "High in the Sky Award" from CPSnet, Turkey Foot Middle School, Jim Hicks, Coordinator
Governor's Youth Volunteerism Award Dec. 6, 2001 Weston and Upton STLP Elementaries in Hardin County, Joan Stith Coordinator

Magazine Articles and Publications
"Top Techies"; Kentucky Living Magazine, September 2012
26, 2008
A Decision-Maker's Guide to Student Technology Support Programs,Youth Technology Support Collaborative, June 2004
"Out of the Dark, Into the Light", Learning and Leading with Technology, Pages 18-20, February 2003. Chaz Robinson, STLP Student Calloway County High School.
"Student Technology Leadership Program", Learning and Leading with Technology, Pages 10-16, October 1999.
"Bridging the Gap", Professional Certification, Pages 44-53, Spring 2000.
National Conferences
International Society for Technology Education (ISTE) 2012, San Diego, CA., STLP Best in Kentucky Showcases: Oakview Elementary School (Ashland Independent), Bazzell Middle School (Allen County), and Woodford County High School. These districts had STLP engineers invited to work the Drs In booth at ISTE:  Carroll, Carter, Christian, Floyd, Jessamine, Magoffin, Nelson, Powell, Pulaski, Shelby, and Todd.
International Society for Technology Education (ISTE) 2011, Philadelphia, PA., STLP Best in Kentucky Showcases: Millbrooke Elementary School (Christian County), Todd County Middle School, and Bryan Station High School (Fayette County). These districts had STLP engineers invited to work the Drs In booth at ISTE: Ashland Independent, Carroll, Christian, Floyd, Jessamine, Magoffin, Montgomery, Powell, Shelby, and Taylor.
International Society for Technology Education (ISTE) 2010, Denver, Colorado, STLP Best in Kentcuky Showcases: Pembroke Elementary School (Christian County), Bowling Middle School (Owen County),  and Belfry High School (Pike County). These districts had STLP engineers invited to work the Drs In booth at ISTE: Ashland Independent, Jessamine, Kenton,  Montgomery, Nelson, Ohio, and Powell.
National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) 2009, Washington, DC, STLP Best in Kentucky Showcases: Western Elementary School, Scott County; Two Rivers Middle School, Covington Independent; Elizabethtown High School. These districts had STLP Engineers invited to work the Drs Is In Booth: Ashland Independent, Kenton, Metcalfe, Nelson, Ohio, Powell and Warren.
National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) 2008, San Antonio, STLP Best In Kentucky Showcases: Pulaski County Elementary; Crittenden County Middle School; South Floyd County High School. These district had STLP Engineers  invited to work the Dr Is In Booth: Ashland, Christian, Carroll, Fleming, Metcalfe, Rowan, Shelby,  and Warren.
National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) 2007, Atlanta, STLP Best In Kentucky Showcases: Kathryn Winn Primary School, Carroll County; Metcalfe County Schools; Elizabethtown High School. These district had STLP Engineers invited to work the Dr Is In Booth: Adair, Christian, Jessamine, Mason, Metcalfe, Montgomery, Rowan, and Shelby.
National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) 2006, San Diego, STLP Best In Kentucky Showcases: Mt. Sterling Elementary, Montgomery County; Carr Creek Elementary, Knott County; and Apollo High School, Daviess County.
National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) 2004, New Orleans, Taylor County STLP, Student Showcase
National School Board Association Conference (NSBA) 2002 Dallas TX , Apollo High School STLP, Cheryl Purdy
Exploring the Future of Learning (EFL), 2002, ThinkQuest Event, STLP Cyber-Reporter Model
National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) 2002, San Antonio, Texas, Taylor County STLP Students
2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), STLP Engineers and Cyber-Reporters, Louisville, Ky May 2002
National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) 2001 , Chicago, Illinois, Jessamine County STLP Students
National School Boards Association (KSBA) 2001, Barren County STL
National School Boards Association (KSBA) 2000, Jessamine County STLP
National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) 2000, Atlanta, Georgia
National School Boards Association (NSBA) 1999, Dallas, Texas, Breckenridge County High School STLP
National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) 1998 , Barren County STLP, Benny Lile