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Published: 6/5/2013 3:16 PM
​Computers For Kids was begun by Elizabeth Scoville, North Laurel County High School student, in 1999.
She shared her process with the Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP), encouraging other schools to take donated computers and place them in student homes. Local STLP schools can join the network.
"Computers 4 Kids NETWORK" matches donated business computers with low-income students.
In today's job market students must have computer skills in order to compete. The goal of this project is to ensure that students who ordinarily could not have afforded computers are able to gain computer skills by having daily access at home. This also has the added benefit of familiarizing parents first hand with the value of computers to their children's future.
The network was started by Elizabeth, when she was 13. She was a high school student when she developed the program. Today, she is in medical school. She spent high school and college years sharing her entrepreneurial idea with other Student Technology leaders across Kentucky. Her idea came alive and has lived thanks to schools joining her program.
While she is in medical school, Verity Middle School in Ashland, has continued to support the program, as well as other schools in charge of refurbishing the computers and training recipients.
Now that she has graduated, Dr. Scoville is pleased that STLP schools continue to use these pages to guide them in helping others secure a computer for home use.
How to be Part of the Statewide Network
Adopt the project in your school. Begin by contacting businesses in your community.
Follow the step-by-step process below.
How to Obtain Computers
Many businesses must upgrade computers often in order to meet growing technological demands. By donating these computers instead of throwing them away, businesses can get a tax benefit, and still benefit students. STLP schools can collect these unwanted computers and give them to students who fit the criteria.
Call the business and explain the project.
If a business decides to donate, pick up the computers promptly.
How to Prepare the Computer
When you get a donation together, report the number to Elizabeth or Elaine by email.
STLP students can fix and prepare the computer to be used by the student.
How to Select Student Candidates
Survey students in your school to identify students without computers.
Students are selected by
Need (low income)
Good grades
Good effort/conduct in school
Step by Step Instructions
1. After a donated computer is obtained, have Student Technology Leadership Program students make sure it works properly.
2. Identify a student as a recipient.
3. Obtain parent's permission.
4. Set up a time at the school for the student to pick up the computer.
5. Set up a time for Student Technology leader to give basic instructions on how to use the computer. Once the computer is given to the student, it is theirs permanently to take home and keep.
6. After the STLP school gives away a computer, email Elizabeth with how many were given. Elizabeth keeps a running number of how many computers were placed in student homes by the Computer-For-Kids Network and the local STLP school.
7. Have the student recipient sign the rules below when they receive the computer.
8. Send copies of any media coverage to Elizabeth or Elaine at the address below.
Rules for the Receiving Student
1. Your computer CANNOT be sold.
If you ever get a new computer please pass the "Computers4 Kids" computer to a younger student who needs it.
2. If the computer becomes unusable, please contact the STLP school. They may be able to reuse the parts.
3. You must continue to maintain good grades and have good conduct.
4. Please write a thank you note to the business that graciously donated your computer.
5. STLP school keeps a copy .
(Student name, school district, school name) has read the rules above and promises to follow the rules.
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Computers for Kids Network
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