STLP - Cyber Gazette

Published: 6/5/2013 3:17 PM
The Cyber Gazette is the online record of STLP State Championship.
STLP encourages students to take an active role in their school and community by recording the event in text, audio or video form.
Many events take place in schools and their communities which allow students an opportunity to do real writing in real settings.
Students who love to write can combine the technology with the writing skills.
The Jefferson County Technology Department, Jana Hickey and Michael Dailey helped develop the concept cyber-reporting at a past teachers' conference called KETC and KTLC-Kentucky Teaching and Learning Conference. Skills needed by students and information on starting a cyber gazette at your school can be found on the History of the Cyber Gazette.
Students often cover events in the school or community by writing for school newsletters, web pages and news shows.
STLP students have provided cyber reporting through the years.
The reporter demonstrates talent in reporting, completing a piece by deadline, and speaking and interviewing. Some students may have experience with Twitter and podcasting. All these students use written and auditory communication skills and can apply as Cyber Gazette Reporter each fall. Students cover the fall showcases and create work from the event.
Schools may have many students produce stories while at the fall showcase site.
Twitter and other media can be included with the posted article.
Schools should select the two best reporters to apply as Reporter and post the final work for judging.
Lead by Diana Sterling and Russ Hockenberry of Jefferson County, students may apply during Winter Virtual Judging after posting a story from Fall Showcase.
Visit past Cyber Gazette Reporter stories at Jefferson County:

Visit the STLP web site to read about the history of Cyber Reporters.
If selected as a reporter, the student will be invited to the State Championship and will report about the event.
Samples of the cyber-reporters:
State Championship 2008
Other Events STLP Reporters have supported:
State Fair 2004, Louisville, KY Bazzell Middle School, Allen County
Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF 2002)
ideaFestival 2002, Lexington
State Fair 2001
State Fair 2000
Kentucky School Boards Association, Louisville, Anderson County
Virtual High School Conference
Connecting Families Conference
Folklife Festival, Frankfort 1999
International Science and Engineering Fair, Louisville 1997KETC 1999-KTLC 2003