STLP - EILA Credit at STLP Events

Published: 6/5/2013 3:15 PM
EILA Credit can be acquired at the STLP State Championship 2013.
This professional growth credit can be earned in two ways:
1. Attend and judge in a category at STLP State championship at Rupp Arena and the Lexington Convention Center.
2. Attend the event and meet with the EILA Credit Leader before departing.

Fulfilling the requirements at STLP State Championship.
1. Visit the web links below to better navigate the event and understand what students are doing with technology at the event and link this to stduent learning, tecaher and adminsitrative technology standards.

ISTE Student Technology Standards
ISTE Administrative Technology Standards
Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP)
STLP State Championship
2. Participants will register to judge or attend the event. Check at the EILA Credit Table just inside the main doors of the event.
3. Participants will sign in on a EILA Credit sign-in sheet at the event table marked EILA CREDIT.
4. Participants who judge will report to assigned areas stated in the email prior to the event. Completiton of judging or meeting with the EILA leader will result in a certificate.
5. The certificate can be obtained after judging or after the final meeting with the EILA Credit Leader or by email.