STLP Fall Showcase

Published: 6/5/2013 3:11 PM
The school level is the foundation and most important area of involvement for STLP.
Schools decide what projects, products and services the group will offer the school and community.
These day-to-day, week-to-week activities/projects allow students to gain technology and leadership skills.

The schools can expand the participation from school level to a regional level. Eight sites around Kentucky host a STLP Fall Showcase. Having a showcase on a college campus site impacts the future post secondary plans of the STLP students, provides college role models, and allows for university interactions with school districts. The opportunity to celebrate and come together motivates and extends the local STLP school. The opportunity to display student work, to demonstrate technology-integrated skills for other students, teachers, administrators, university and the public is a major objective. When one school sees how another school uses technology for student achievement and classroom integration, this has a direct impact of what the school, teachers and students will do in the future.

Attending and interviewing at this event is a big deal in the life of some of our STLP students, as noted in stories from students, teachers and parents. This event gives a real audience to their learning, a real purpose in creating resumes and sharpening 21st Century Skills. These students' skills will impact Kentucky's future economy. The students will be able to compete globally. Leadership skills will bloom.
When the students meet and compete the whole day is called Fall Showcase 2011.
The events are designed to support and extend authentic learning.

Student demonstrate skills at the event:

1. Implement, market and design the project or presentation for various purposes, audiences and situations
2. Build leadership skills
3. Utilize research, critical thinking skills to inquiry/problem-solve and make informed decisions for learning
4. Create ideas, products, and presentations that are innovative and creative
5. Communicate and collaborate with school and community persons
6. Communicate and interview with adults, outside the school building, in a professional manner
7. Practice and engage in legal, safe and ethical use of technology
8. Plan for post secondary education 

Common elements of good projects:
Products and new ideas are sometimes generated from the project.
Students have to create and carry out the project over time.
Students must be able to discuss the project in depth. (Age appropriate)
The project is tied to many human and technology resources.
The project makes an impact to other persons, the school or community

The three types of showcase projects are:
Community Service: projects that extend outside the classroom to help the school and community
Instructional: projects that impact classroom instruction and help in student or adult learning
Technical Expertise: projects that are specific to the use of hardware and software; or STEM topics

STLP Coordinators that attend find other coordinators to discuss project, product or service ideas. First time coordinators find the fall showcase a time to discover what a project really looks like and how the event leads to state.

Often judges that attend fall showcase for the first time can return to the school and help the school.

How does the school register to attend?
Schools must register online. There is no cost to register or attend.
What are the Showcase dates and sites?
November 7 Murray State University Showcase, Curris Center
November 8 University of Kentucky Showcase, Student Center Ballroom
November 13 University of Louisville Showcase, Student Activities Center
November 15 Northern Kentucky University Showcase, Student Activities Center
November 20 The Center for Rural Development, Somerset
November 27 Morehead State University Showcase, Adron Doran University Center
November 28 Eastern Kentucky Exposition Center Showcase, Pikeville
December 6 Western Kentucky University Showcase, Diddle Arena
How do I keep informed about the event?
Please join the STLP listserv to receive updated information about STLP events.(

What does the schedule look like?
Possible schedule at most sites: Showcase times below are local time of the regional site.
9:30-10:00 Registration, check in by schools
9:30-10:00 Students report to set up or students report to gain an interview time
10:00-12:00 Judging of showcase projects
10:00-12:00 Showcase is open to the public for visitors, so schools need students at the table
12:15 Students eat lunch and depart back to the school

What can you do to prepare students?
Make sure all competing students read and understand the rubric and are prepared for any interviews.

What about beginning STLP students and a new STLP school?
They would benefit attending and seeing other student leaders demonstrating technology.
New STLP schools, new coordinators and beginning STLP students are welcome to attend for the learning experience.

How do I plan for food while at STLP Showcase?
Food for purchase is at most sites. Schools may also bring in a sack lunch at every site. Coolers for food and drinks are allowed.
Many of the college campuses have student centers in which your students may eat. We consider this an educational experience since students will be interacting with others on campus.
Some schools like to eat at a food establishment while on the way back to school.

When is the deadline to register online?
Deadline to register to attend a showcase is Oct. 30.
Schools that do not register will not have a table or electric in which to present the project upon, since we did not know your school was attending.