STLP-State Championship Awards 2013

Published: 4/4/2013 9:44 AM
STLP State Championship 2013
March 28, 2013
Rupp Arena
Lexington, KY
State Championship Awards 2013 document:
Web Archive of the Event can be found at
KDE Media Portal
We wish to thank the talent of the following students that added music and dance to the awards program:
Olivia Penny, Allen County, Dance
Chase Lewis and Alison Lovely- STLP Alumni, Magoffin County
Timothy Baker, Buckhorn High School, Perry County
Reagan Miller sang “Suzie’s STLP Song”, South Warren High School
KySTE Scholarships 2013
Joshua Rice (Elaine Harrison Lane award)
Chandler Young (Mary Grace Yeager award)
Ethan Doll (KySTE award)
Maria Ortiz (KySTE award)
Lydia Wells Sledge VIP Award
Gary Grant, Executive Director of
Kentucky Society for Technology in Education (KySTE)
Rural Technology Fund
Lucas Hart
Montgomery County
Bonnie DeAtley, Fleming County
Dr. Megan Downing, NKU
Shannon Hill, Bath County
Adam Knecht, Alumni Shelby County
Sarah Mann, NKU
Pat Meurer, Retired Jefferson County
Ron Milliner, KATE, Murray State
Bev Paeth, Covington Independent
Leanna Prater, Fayette County
Mike Rogers, Shelby County
Demetrio Zourarakis, COT
Kathy Austin, Warren County
Nikkol Bauer, Henry County
Dennis Daniel, Retired Ft. Thomas
Carol Franks, Shelby County
Lisa Allen, Owen County
Becky Keith, Woodford County
Jay Morgan, Bowling Green Independent
Karen Rice, Parent, Shelby County
Belinda Starks, Hardin County
Garrett Dutton, KIDS
Beth Henderson 
Al Johnson, Retired Fayette County
Nina Ingram, Jackson County
Lavetta Jessie, Barren County
Regina Durard, Livingston County
Darci Ruber, Campbell County
Lisa Scully, Madison County
Jason Sturgill, Fayette County
Jane Slinger, Meade County
Shelia Swab, McCracken County
Sherlyn Bratcher, Butler County
Dawn Cleary, Monroe County
Tom Mills, Bourbon County
National Center for Women in Information Technology: NCWIT
Cynthia Smith, STLP Alumni, University Louisville welcomed the girls and guest Lauren Von Roenn.
The National winner and Kentucky NCWIT state winners were introduced on stage.
STLP also recognized an outstanding educator who has played a pivotal role in helping to encourage young women to continue exploring their interest in computing and technology.
Derick B. Strode, WKU, Bowling Green
National Winner
Sravya Vishnubhatla, Louisville
Kentucky Winners
Emily Lawson, Versailles, Woodford County High School
Miranda Parrish, Bardstown, Gatton Academy
Sarah Patterson, Louisville, Patterson School
Hannah Pennington, Bowling Green, Gatton Academy
Anna Sims, Louisville, Kentucky Country Day
Lexi Skelton, Henderson County High School
Mary Spraggs, Danville, Gatton Academy
Morgan Taylor, Tompkinsville, Monroe County High School
Rhetta Wingert, Smithfield, Coram Deo Academy

Friends of STLP
Schools nominate a person, agency that has supported their STLP in the school.
Bill Harder Bowling                                              Green High School
Mr. Harder has been using his music background to assist Bowling Green High's Spirit Sounds: Sound Engineering project.
Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Morrison & Emily Morrison           Charles Russell Elementary School
They collect printer cartridges from their employer and donate them to the school.  Our STLP members recycle the cartridges as a service for the school to raise funds for STLP activities and to teach good stewardship of the environment.
Candy Dales                                                        E.P. Ward Elementary School
She has judged online and at competitions for us.  She is also our family resource coordinator, whom our STLP has collaborated with on activities over the years.
Fred Tilsley                                                         Sand Gap Elementary School
Fred is an outstanding example of a retired teacher that has given his time at Fall Showcase and State to judge year after year.
Tim Pease                                                          Ewing Elementary School
Fleming Mason Energy donated the Lego Mindstorms for the Sumo Bot Competition. They also had an employee, Tim Pease, which donated his time, 2 to 3 times a week, to help students build and control the Sumo Bot.
Sumitomo                                                           Warren Elementary School
When our school decided to recycle toner, we sent letters to area businesses inviting them to help us reduce electronic waste.  Sumitomo signed on immediately!  Over the last three school years,
Sumitomo has brought us their toner cartridges for recycling each and every month.  They have helped reduce electronic waste by recycling over 100 toner cartridges with us.
Sergeant First Class Werkheiser, Michael                 Northern Elementary School Scott County
SFC Werkheiser has worked with the STLP students and the entire 5th Grade class for the last three years developing a land navigation course on the school grounds.  He works with the students to create and record specific grid coordinates that the students use handheld GPS to locate the marked waypoints with content based questions.
Sherry Johson  - Kings Daughters Medical Center       Verity Middle School
VMS coordinator says: I go home and find garbage bags full of ink cartridges on my porch.  She has been a great friend to VMS STLP to help raise funds.

Outstanding Student
Brandon Hart                                           Campbell County Middle School
Olivia Allen                                              Charles Russell Elementary School
Sydney Ballard                                         Austin Tracy Elementary School
Lindsay Childs                                          Fleming County High School
Jake Damron                                            Charles Russell Elementary School
Kelsey West                                             Fairview High School
District Award 
Carroll County Platinum 2013
Madison County Platinum 2013
601 Crew
Special thanks to the crew that has risen dawn early, stayed late, and pulled off a State Championship year after year.
DJ Anderson
Marilyn Crow
Kenny Franks
Debbie Goldy
Kay Harrison
Patty Johnson
Adam Knecht
Pat Meurer
Cheryl Slater
Angie White
Gold and Silver Schools 2013
B. Michael Caudill Middle School                                                 Silver 2013
Ben Johnson Elementary School                                                  Gold 2013
Bowling Green High School                                                         Gold 2013
Carroll County Middle School                                                       Gold 2013
Daniel Boone Elementary School                                                 Gold 2013
Farristown Middle School                                                            Gold 2013
Fleming County High School                                                       Gold 2013
Franklin Simpson High School                                                     Gold 2013
Gallatin County Middle School                                                     Gold 2013
Glenn Marshall Elementary School                                               Silver 2013
Hillsboro Elementary School                                                       Gold 2013
Kingston Elementary School                                                       Gold 2013
Kit Carson Elementary School                                                     Gold 2013
Lincoln Elementary School                                                          Gold 2013
Mayfield Elementary School                                                        Gold 2013
Northern Elementary School                                                        Gold 2013
Owen County Primary Elementary School                                      Gold 2013
Parker-Bennett-Curry Elementary School                                       Gold 2013
Simpson Elementary School                                                        Gold 2013
South Warren High School                                                          Gold 2013
White Hall Elementary School                                                     Silver 2013
West Hardin Middle School                                                         Gold 2013
Woodford County High School                                                     Gold 2013

Stone Barrett             Bath County Middle School              Bath County
Alyssia Bunts             Pike County Central High School       Pike County
Ben Byrum                 Franklin-Simpson High School          Simpson County
Gracie Curry               Southwestern High School               Pulaski County
Carson Fichtner          Elkhorn Crossing School                   Scott County
Caroline Ford              South Warren High School              Warren County
Trey Paris                  Eminence High School                     Eminence Independent 
Jordan Prather            Maurice Bowling Middle School         Owen County

Engineers: We thank the STLP Alumni engineers that return to work and mentor the students and
Casey Woods, a volunteer and lead mentor at KySTE for the STLP engineers.
Madeline Blevins        Bellevue High School                                 Bellevue Indep.
Corey Clark                Knott County Central High School                Knott County
Will Eubank               Martha Layne Collins High School                Shelby County
Seth Padgett              Jessamine Career and Technology Center     Jessamine County
Pooja Patel                Carroll County High School                         Carroll County
Austin Perkins            Metcalfe County High School                      Metcalfe County
Emanuel Picazo          Carter County Career and Technical Center   Carter County
Josh Rice                   Martha Layne Collins High School                Shelby County
Briana Robinson         Martha Layne Collins High School                Shelby County
Samantha Stephenson Hopkinsville High School                           Christian County
Eric Weaver               Todd County Central High School                 Todd County
Andrea Williams         Carroll County High School                         Carroll County
Holden Wilson            Todd County Central High School                Todd County
Chandler Young          Nelson County High School                         Nelson County
Morning Group 1 Reporters
Austin Tracy Elementary School          Barren County           Kinley Costello
Butler County Middle School               Butler County           Rylee McKee
Butler County Middle School               Butler County           Hannah Perry
Charles Russell Elementary School      Ashland Independent Kimberly Boyd
Christian County High School             Christian County        Cannon Cornelius
Drakes Creek Middle School               Warren County          Katherine Casey
Flaherty Elementary School                Meade County           Sydney Crosslin
Henry County Middle School               Henry County            Gracie Golden
Henry County Middle School               Henry County            Lori Porter
Hiseville Elementary School               Barren County           Ella Jones
Julius Marks Elementary School          Fayette County          Alena Woodson
Julius Marks Elementary School          Fayette County          Amenah Kadah
Lebanon Middle School                      Marion County           Hallie Hamilton
Stopher Elementary School                Jefferson County        Madison Brown
Afternoon Group 2 Reporters 
Cumberland County High School         Cumberland County     Kailey Phelps
Lebanon Middle School                      Marion County            Tori VanDyke
Livingston County Middle School         Livingston County       Jennifer Rogers
Marion County High School                 Marion County            Sarah Nunn
North Jackson Elementary School        Barren County            Caroline Kinsman
North Jackson Elementary School        Barren County            Malia Owens
Saint Charles Middle School               Marion County            Sierra Bickett
Saint Charles Middle School               Marion County            Mya Emmons
Simons Middle School                        Fleming County          Trevor Rieck
South Warren High School                 Warren County            Ally Douglas
South Warren Middle School               Warren County           McKayla Marcrum
South Warren Middle School               Warren County           Kaitlyn LaSala
Kentucky Army National Guard:
Adam Bartley               Saint Charles Middle School              Marion County
Tyler  Carroll                Allen Central High School                 Floyd County
Dustin Clancy              Graves County High School               Graves County
Austin Clark                 Fairview High School                       Fairview Independent
David Gray                  Maurice Bowling Middle School          Owen County
Richard London            Barren County Middle School             Barren County
Zach Moneyhan            Warren Central High School              Warren County
Corey Roberts              Eminence High School                      Eminence Independent
Zach Smith                  Eastside Technical Center                 Fayette County
Live Reporting:
Madeline Beavin           Stuart Pepper Middle School              Meade County
Caroline Ford               South Warren High School                 Warren County
Grant Fraley                 Bowen Elementary School                 Powell County
Camri Nelson               Highlands High School                      Ft. Thomas Independent
Justin Noble                 Emmalena Elementary School            Knott County
Kaylee Perry                 South Christian Elementary School     Christian County
Garrett Pyle                 Holiday Elementary School                Christian County
Haley Sullivan              Julius Marks Elementary School          Fayette County
Paige Thomas              Lebanon Middle School                      Marion County
Production Company:
Travon Alexander           Eastside Technical Center                 Fayette County
Danielle Cuellar             Letcher County Central High School    Letcher County
Viola Cuellar                 Letcher County Central High School    Letcher County
Dave Hampton              Allen Central High School                  Floyd County
Sandy Humphries           Mason County High School                Mason County
Cheyenne Jent               Letcher County Central High School    Letcher County
Andrew David Mullins      Letcher County Central High School    Letcher County
Shannon Patton             Pendleton County High School           Pendleton County
Ian Ries                        Southwestern High School                Pulaski County
Tom Robinson                Letcher County Central High School   Letcher County
Jonah Smith                  South Warren Middle School              Warren County
Mikayla Wright               Letcher County Central High School   Letcher County
Aaron Bihl                    Maurice Bowling Middle School                    Owen County
Gavin Daniels               Madison Central High School                       Madison County
Jordan Gary                  Lyon County High School                            Lyon County
Savannah Lewis            Carter County Career and Technical Center   Carter County
Emily Rice                    Henry County Middle School                        Henry County
Paige Warner                Shelby Valley High School                          Pike County
Lucas Wiman                Daviess County High School                       Daviess County
Brittany Wolterman       Paul Laurence Dunbar High School               Fayette County
We wish to thank the buddies for assisting leads at State.
Warren Central High School & Meade County High School
Mark Alvey
Brett Baxter
Wilson Blakeman
Edina Bojadzija
Kelly Bradley
Kristen Crousore
Miranda Ellison
Sasha Harden
Heidy Jerez
Jessica Moran
Matthew Neighbors
Chris Porter-Bunton
Raymond Smith
Nala Steele
Jared Suggs
Kasey Sweeney
Matt Thomas
Heather Wade
Amanda Wasney
Haylie Wells
Tommy Carey
Darra Johnson
Digital Art
First Place
Plano Elementary School, Warren County               The Thinker 
Michelle Duhon
Second Place
Farmer Elementary School, Jefferson County           Daisy in Rainbow
Avery Hedden
First Place
South Warren Middle School, Warren County           Reflections
Felicity Homman
Second Place
Lebanon Middle School, Marion County                   Ball Park
Jordon Thomas
First Place
Fleming County High School, Fleming County           The Rockies
Bethany DeAtley (multi year winner)
Fairview High School, Fairview Independent             Up in Smoke
Madi Moore
Graphic Design
First Place
Northern Elementary School, Pulaski County             Stand Out
Peyton Randolph
Second Place
Ewing Elementary School, Fleming County                Life Can Be Strange
Laney McCord
First Place
Lebanon Middle School, Marion County                     Join in Peace
Sami Tungate
Second Place
South Warren Middle School, Warren County             Man's Greatest Tool
Seth Hoffman
First Place
Bath County High School, Bath County                    Love Yourself
Shelby Fawns
Second Place
Elkhorn Crossing School, Scott County                     Recycle Them Before
Sarah Jankowski
Manipulated Image
First Place
Owen County Primary School, Owen County              Candy Creek
Gwen Wolfe
Second Place
Julius Marks Elementary School, Fayette County        The River
Mary Jane Stacy
First Place
Bath County Middle School, Bath County                  A Moth on a Wall
Lexie Craig
Second Place
Lebanon Middle School, Marion County                     Brayden's True Colors
Alysaa King
First Place
Washington County High School, Washington County Monster House
Cody Black
Second Place
Fairview High School, Fairview Independent              Hippie
Maria Long
First Place
Saffell Street Elementary School, Anderson County                    Natural Bridge
Cora Beth Collins
Second Place
Allen County Primary Center, Allen County                                Lone Champion Chair
Joshua Sikes
First Place
Northern Elementary School, Pulaski County                             Vertical
Lexie Murphy
Second Place
Johnson Elementary School, Ft. Thomas Independent                Feeding
Sarah Pearson
First Place
Drakes Creek Middle School, Warren County                             Gym Class
Brooke Wallace
Second Place
South Warren Middle School, Warren County                             Fruits of Success
Madison Priddy
First Place
John Hardin High School, Hardin County                                   Hello
Lora Sparks
Second Place
Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, Fayette County                    Galas on the Edge
Danielle Morrison
Photo on Demand
First Place
Red Cross Elementary School                   Barren County                  Lilly Shipley
Second Place
Montgomery County Intermediate School   Montgomery County          Landon Clay Palmer
First Place
Northern Middle School                           Pulaski County                  Bailey Cooke
Second Place
South Warren Middle School                    Warren County                  Madison Priddy
First Place 
Southside Elementary School, Pike County 
     Coal Miners' Kids Give Back!  Abbey Dardi, Cole Stanley
Second Place 
Bevins Elementary School, Pike County  
     Cyber Bullying   Lindsey Scaggs
First Place  
Gallatin County Middle School, Gallatin County 
     Let Go of the Past, Get A Hold on the Future  Olivia Urso, Khloe Gieger
Second Place 
Drakes Creek Middle School, Warren County  
     Tips on Shooting Quality Video Meigan Niu, Jannah Bolin
First Place     
Dixie Heights High School, Kenton County  
     Paperless Classrooms Today   *First Place 4 years- Matthew Tarka
Second Place  
Fairview High School, Fairview Independent 
     Starting a Non-Profit Organization   Kelsey West, Davis Hoffman
First Place
Julius Marks Elementary          School Fayette County       Learn About India!
Second Place
Northern Elementary School     Scott County                     Ryan Quarles Documentary
First Place
Drakes Creek Middle School      Warren County                 The Log
Second Place
Lebanon Middle School            Marion County                   Career Reality
First Place
Fairview High School               Fairview Independent         Through the Eyes of 9-11
Second Place
Central Hardin High School      Hardin County Exploring       Elizabethtown's Past
First Place
Bloom Elementary School    Jefferson County           Fool Me Twice
Second Place
Bloom Elementary School    Jefferson County           The Finder
First Place
South Warren Middle School Warren County             Basketball Magic
Second Place
Southern Middle School        Fayette County            Rubber Chicken Ninjas..
First Place
South Warren High School    Warren County             Suzie's STLP Song
Second Place
South Warren High School    Warren County              Welcome to High School
First Place
Mullins Elementary School     Pike County Reducing     Our Carbon Footprint
Second Place
Brandenburg Primary School   Meade County               No Bully Zone
First Place
Drakes Creek Middle School    Warren County             Pet Population Control - It's Everyone's Business
Second Place
South Warren Middle School    Warren County             Autism Awareness
First Place
Elkhorn Crossing School         Scott County                Drinking is Drowning
Second Place
Marion County High School     Marion County              Freshman Orientation

First Place
Northern Elementary School     Pulaski County            Types of Poetry
Second Place
Ewing Elementary School         Fleming County           2013 Ewing Calendar
First Place
George M. Verity Middle School Ashland Independent   Patriot Lantern
Second Place
South Warren Middle School     Warren County South   Warren Boys Basketball
First Place
Bullitt East High School           Bullitt County              Downtown - Then and Now
Second Place
Fairview High School               Fairview Independent   iBooks in Espanol

HP Get Certified
First Place
Pulaski County High School      Pulaski County             Aaron Hall
Second Place
Randall K. Cooper High School  Boone County              Samantha Warren
KATE Imagine You Were There
First Place
Northern Elementary School     Pulaski County             An Interview with Abraham Lincoln
Second Place
Mullins Elementary School        Pike County                Pee Wee Reese
First Place
West Hardin Middle School       Hardin County             Abraham Lincoln
Second Place
Drakes Creek Middle School      Warren County            Lincoln/Davis Debate
KSU GIS/Maps/Cartography
First Place
Montgomery County Intermediate School    Montgomery County         GIS Map
Second Place
Northern Elementary School                      Scott County                   KSU Maps
First Place
Lebanon Middle School                             Marion County                 Discovering Clay Hill
Second Place
Lebanon Middle School                             Marion County                 Bear Tracks
First Place
Fairview High School                                Fairview Independent       Football 2012
Multimedia Content
First Place
Julius Marks Elementary School     Fayette County JME's       Donation Nation
Second Place
Sutton Elementary School            Owensboro Independent   5 Easy Steps-Make a Paracord
First Place
Drakes Creek Middle School          Warren County                It's Raining Cats and Dogs
Second Place
Foley Middle School                     Madison County               Infinite Campus Parent Portal
First Place
Madison Southern High School       Madison County              Mail Merging with Microsoft
Second Place
Bowling Green High School           Bowling Green                 Independent DIY: Teleprompter
First Place
William H. Natcher Elementary School     Warren County Technofy           Maggie Nance
Second Place
John G Carlisle Elementary School           Covington Independent JGC      Tison Collins
First Place
George M. Verity Middle School               Ashland Independent Maravilla  Zach Stafford
Second Place
South Warren Middle School                   Warren County Song of Triumph Jonah Smith
First Place
Shelby County High School Shelby County      Amidst the Violence            Nolan Hughes
Second Place
Marion County High School                     Marion County Classical Techno  Allie Evans

First Place
Owingsville Elementary School               Bath County                            My Poppy
Xandi Jent
Second Place
North Jackson Elementary School            Barren County                         The Big Race
Leah Jessee
First Place
Lebanon Middle School                          Marion County                         The Force
Collin Allen
Second Place
Virgie School                                       Pike County                             Bob the Bully Bot, Reboots his Bullying Behavior
Rebekah Newsome
First Place
Eastside Technical Center                      Fayette County                        Conduits
Josh Sams
Second Place
George Rogers Clark High School             Clark County      England's Young Queen:  "A Story From My Youth"
Rachel Sames
Technical Writing
First Place
Brandenburg Primary School        Meade County       Using Accelerated Reader BookFinder
Kyle Parker
Second Place
Warren Elementary School          Warren County      Making Word Clouds with Wordle
Carson Pillow
First Place
Maurice Bowling Middle School     Owen County         Designing a Fence using GPS
Jacob Tamplin
Second Place
Campbell County Middle School    Campbell County    Are You Lost In The Cloud?
Brandon Hart
First Place
Madison Southern High School     Madison County      Editing PDF Files with Adobe Pro
Neal Danely
Second Place
Nelson County High School          Nelson County        How to Transfer a Ringtone to an iPhone via iTunes 11
Chandler Young
Art on Demand
First Place
Tyler Rushing                             Taylor County High School              Taylor County
Second Place
Tony Nguyen                              Elkhorn Crossing School                 Scott County
Bench Challenge
First Place 
Zach Akers  Nathan  Brinager
Betsy Layne Elementary School                      Floyd County
Second Place
Tucker Wimpee  Cade Miller 
David T. Wilson Elementary School                 Meade County

First Place
Liam Spencer  Austin Stevens 
Meyzeek Middle School                                  Jefferson County
Second Place
Dillon Lucas  Shelby Smedley  
George M. Verity Middle School                       Ashland Independent
First Place
Chandler Young Kyle Robinson 
Nelson County High School                            Nelson County
Second Place
William Burden Brayden Padgett 
Hopkins County Central High School                 Hopkins County
First Place
Alvaton Imagineers          Alvaton Elementary School          Warren County
Second Place
Plano Panthers                Plano Elementary School             Warren County
First Place
Southern Films                 Southern Middle School               Fayette County
Second Place
The Apple Lovers             Campbell County Middle School     Campbell County
First Place
A & A + J                       Marion County High School           Marion County
Second Place
BGHS Film Cub                Bowling Green High School           Bowling Green Independent
Coding Challenge
First Place
Alex Cruz                       BAVEL                                        Barren County
Second Place
Caleb Martie                   Elkhorn Crossing School                Scott County
Cyber Defense
First Place
Team Rivel                     Jessamine Career/Technology Center Jessamine County
Second Place
Eric, Austin and Cassie    Campbellsville High School              Campbellsville Independent

Dell & Microsoft Gaming
First Place
Cole Stephens                Highland Elementary School            Glasgow Independent
Second Place
Hunter Williamson           Southside Elementary School          Pike County
First Place
Drake Howard                 Lexington Traditional Magnet School Fayette County
Second Place
Jacob Dinwiddie              Plano Elementary School                 Warren County
First Place
Hunter Monarch               Anderson County High School          Anderson County
Second Place
Cody Campbell                Fairview High School                      Fairview Independent
EKU Aviation
First Place
Shaion Taylor                    Lebanon Middle School                      Marion County
Second Place
Trent Rice                         Rich Pond Elementary School              Warren County
First Place
Ethan Randall                    Pulaski County High School                Pulaski County
Second Place
Brenton Floyd                    Fairview High School                         Fairview Independent
Enterasys Networking
First Place
Jamie Downey                    George M. Verity Middle School          Ashland Independent
Second Place
Jessica Hunley                    George M. Verity Middle School          Ashland Independent
First Place
Chandler Young                  Nelson County High School                Nelson County
Second Place
Travis Miller                       Bullitt Central High School                 Bullitt County
Flight Sim
First Place
Judd Light
Russell-McDowell Intermediate School                       Russell-McDowell Independent
Second Place
Eli Miller
Charles Russell Elementary School                             Ashland Independent
Geek Squad Ready
First Place
Sierre Delong                 Fairview High School            Fairview Independent
Second Place
Preseley Wiler                Fairview High School            Fairview Independent
Georgetown College Robot Use & RCX (Robo Challenge Xreme)
First Place
Adam Froman Gracie Craig  
Cartmell Elementary School                             Carroll County
Second Place
Griffyn Spencer Hunter Tuggle  
New Castle Elementary School                         Henry County
First Place
Stefan Kwiecinski Mason McCallister  
B. Michael Caudill Middle School                      Madison
Second Place
Cooper Moore Greshem Veazey  
Drakes Creek Middle School                            Warren County
First Place
Jared  Vaught Daniel Crowhurst  
Pulaski County High School                             Pulaski County
Second Place
Thuan  Nguyen     
Iroquois High School                                      Jefferson County
Geotechnologies/Geospatial Literacy
Only these awards were given.
Second Place
Eli Raikes Lebanon Middle School                     Marion County
First Place
Doss High School GIS Doss High School            Jefferson County
Help Desk/Desktop Support Service
First Place
One Stop Tek Shop Owingsville Elementary School                        Bath County
Second Place
Jody Richards Elementary STLP Jody Richards Elementary School     Warren County
First Place
BCMS HelpDesk  Barren County Middle School                               Barren County
Second Place
BCMS Help Desk Bath County Middle School                                  Bath County
First Place
Christian CHS Technology Help Desk Christian County High School    Christian County
Second Place
Trojan Tech Barren County High School                                         Barren County
Heritage Council
First Place
High-Tech Highlanders                  Highland Elementary School          Glasgow Independent
Second Place
Maleah Hendrix, Gracie Hamilton, Trinity Evans, Alexa Dials 
                                                 Hillsboro Elementary School          Fleming County
First Place
Main Street Media                        James E Bazzell Middle School       Allen County
Second Place
Drakes Creek Middle                     Drakes Creek Middle School           Warren County
First Place
Downtown Then and Now              Bullitt East High School                 Bullitt County
Second Place
Eagle History Girls                        Fairview High School                    Fairview Independent
KSTC's Students.Ideas.Enterprise
These were the awards given
First Place
Lebanon Middle School                  Lebanon Middle School                 Marion County
First Place
Hand a Heart, Inc                         Fairview High School                    Fairview Independent
Ky Dept. of Travel
First Place
High-Tech Highlanders             Highland Elementary School                 Glasgow Independent
Second Place
Jody Richards Elementary STLP  Jody Richards Elementary School          Warren County
First Place (6th Grade)
Vette City                              Plano Elementary School                      Warren County
Second Place
TravelCats                              Lexington Trad Magnet School              Fayette County
First Place
Eagle Tourism                          Fairview High School                          Fairview Independent
Learning Games Network Design Challenge
First Place
Gaming Cats                           Cub Run Elementary School                  Hart County
Second Place
Kammerer                               Krammerer Middle School                     Jefferson County
First Place
Paradox Studios                       Lafayette High School                         Fayette County
Second Place
Camerson Faudere & Porsche Maness Bath County High School              Bath County
First Place
Natcher Jaquars                        William H. Natcher Elementary School    Warren County
Second Place
WGRM Glenn R.                        Marshall Elementary School                   Madison County
First Place
LTMS Channel 12 Black Cat News BCN Lexington Traditional Middle School Fayette County
Second Place
Trojan News                            Barren County Middle School                  Barren County
First Place
WCTV                                    Washington County High School              Washington County
Second Place
Purple Vision                           Bowling Green High School                     Bowling Green Independent
NKU Mobile App
These awards were given:
First Place
Fairview Middle School STLP      Fairview High School                       Fairview Independent
Second Place
H                                          Lexington Traditional Middle School   Fayette County
First Place
Hand a Heart, Inc                    Fairview High School                       Fairview Independent
Proven Learning Quick Tech Recall
First Place
Jackson Arnold                   Stopher Elementary School                         Jefferson County
Second Place
Samuel Thompson              West Marion Elementary School                   Marion County
First Place
Reagan Smith                    Edythe Jones Hayes Middle School                Fayette County
Second Place
Drake Witt                        Edythe Jones Hayes Middle School                Fayette County
First Place
Dylan Howard                    Barren County High School                           Barren County
Second Place
Wesley Crews                    Barren County High School                           Barren County
Racing to the Future
Jordan Dials,                      Hillsboro Elementary School,                 Fleming School
Jake Hamilton,                   West Marion Elementary School,            Marion County
Stan Shelby, Jr.,                 Beaumont Middle School,                      Fayette County
Shane Edmonson,               Stuart Pepper Middle School,                 Meade County
Sergio Quezuade,               Bryan Station High School,                    Fayette County
Dalton Cox,                        Eastside Technical Center,                    Fayette County
Racing to the Future
First Place
Jackson Kennedy   Mullins Elementary School                 Pike County
Second Place
Ethan McCord        Ewing Elementary School                  Fleming County
First Place
Stan  Shelby Jr       Beaumont Middle School                  Fayette County
Second Place
Ryan Renfroe         Fairview High School (Middle)            Fairview Independent
First Place
Ryley Wyans         Franklin-Simpson High School            Simpson County
Second Place
Sergio Quezuade   Bryan Station High School                  Fayette County
Robo Patriots               Veterans Park Elementary School                          Fayette County
Eagle Bots 1                Lexington Christian School
Anonymous                  South Oldham Middle School                                Oldham County
Clayzar                        South Oldham Middle School                                Oldham County
Nerd Herd                    Todd County Central High School                          Todd County
Iroquois 5                    Iroquois High School                                           Jefferson County
Sumo Bot
First Place
Andrew Vogel 
Meadowthorpe Elementary School                     Fayette County
Second Place
Mason  Clark Trent Wilburn  
Northern Elementary School                             Fayette County
First Place
Benjamin Hisle Stevie Boytek 
Madison Middle School                                    Madison County
Second Place
Colby  Lynch Andrew Samples  
Estill County Middle School                              Estill County
First Place
Trevor Freeman Tyler Banks  
Estill County High School                                 Estill County
Second Place
Caleb Mota Kassim Alsalman 
Iroquois High School                                       Jefferson County
UK Computer Science
First Place
Daniel Waggoner Greshem Veazey  
Drakes Creek Middle School                              Warren County
Second Place
Jerret Morrison Caleb Geyer  
George M. Verity Middle School                         Ashland
First Place
Andy Gergel     
Scott High School                                            Kenton County
Second Place
Lukas Dziatkowski Landon Upchurch      
Elkhorn Crossing School                                   Scott County
UK Engineering Minds On Innovation
First Place
High-Tech Highlanders 
Highland Elementary School                              Glasgow Independent
Second Place
Candy for a Cure 
Flemingsburg Elementary School                        Fleming County
First Place
Keragan Egerton, Abigail Aulbach, Abagail Evans, Angela Gentry 
Carroll County Middle School                             Carroll County
Second Place
E. J. Hayes STLP Minds On 
Edythe Jones Hayes Middle School                     Fayette County
First Place
ECS Engineering 
Elkhorn Crossing School                                    Scott County
Second Place
Beta Studios 
Madison Central High School                              Madison County

UL Podcast Service Telling Your Story
These awards were given:
First Place
Bloom Media Club                Bloom Elementary School                       Jefferson County
Second Place
Eastern News Team              Eastern Elementary School                    Henry County
First Place
Marion County High School    Marion County High School                     Marion County
Web Site Design
First Place
Avery  Douglas                    Rich Pond Elementary School                 Warren County
Second Place
Jeyda Bays                         Warren Elementary School                     Warren County
First Place
Madison Fleischaker             Meyzeek Middle School                         Jefferson County
Second Place
Avery  Peerce                      South Warren Middle School                  Warren County
First Place
Amanda Arts                       Pike County Central High School             Pike County
Second Place
Jasmine Brady                     Montgomery County High School            Montgomery County

Showcase Projects

Best in State
Student Showcase ISTE 2013
South Christian Elementary School Christian County 
Walk-n-Roll for Cystic Fibrosis and Rett Syndrome
Maurice Bowling Middle School Owen County 
Crack the Code: 21st Century Accommodations
West Jessamine High School Jessamine County 
WJHS Math Support
Top 7 Runner Ups
Russell Primary School                          Russell Independent            How to be Bullyfree
William H. Natcher Elementary School     Warren County                    Natcher's Bookshelf Comes to Life
Carroll County Middle School                  Carroll County                     Run 4 UR Life
Maurice Bowling Middle School                Owen County                      Codes to Get You in the Reading Mode
Northern Middle School                          Pulaski County                    STEMS Leave ROOTS
Bowling Green High School                     Bowling Green Independent   Bridging the Digital Divide
Todd County Central High School             Todd County                       Rebels Speak
Best in Region
Allen County Intermediate Center      Allen County           Putting New in the News
Allen County Primary Center              Allen County           Respect the Rules...You'll Be Cool
Blackberry Elementary School            Pike County            Take a Step, Take a Walk, Take a Stand
Bloom Elementary School                  Jefferson County     Bloom Media Club
East View Elementary School             Daviess County       Habits in Action
Glasscock Elementary School             Marion County         Peace, Love, and Running
Hager Elementary School                  Ashland Independent Healthy Heart Challenge
Hodgenville Elementary School           LaRue County         WHES News
Julius Marks Elementary School          Fayette County        Helping the Homeless
Kennedy Elementary Montessori School Jefferson County    For The Joy of Reading
Lakewood Elementary School             Hardin County         Think it's cool to text, think twice or you'll be next!
Lost River Elementary School             Warren County        Lost River's Great Expectations
Mullins Elementary School                 Pike County             The Art of PerSuAsion
Oakview Elementary School               Ashland Independent Your Voice Counts!
Oakview Elementary School               Ashland Independent Switch to Save
Owen County Elementary School        Owen County            Ipad Mania
Pembroke Elementary School             Christian County       What's the Level?
Phelps Elementary School                  Pike County             Black vs. Green Energy
Picadome Elementary School              Fayette County        Picadome Morning News
Roosevelt Perry Elementary School     Jefferson County       The Breakfast Bunch
SCAPA at Bluegrass Elementary School Fayette County        Patterned Penguin Pets
Simmons Elementary School              Woodford County      Scratch Game Design
Tompkinsville Elementary School        Monroe County         Radon: Silent Killer
Waco Elementary School                   Madison County        Waco's 100 Year Celebration
Westridge Elementary School             Franklin County        Gadget Geeks
Allen Central Middle School               Floyd County             A.C.M.S. Cares
Belfry Middle School                         Pike County               BMS C.A.R.E.S.
Big Creek Elementary School             Perry County             The iPad Project
Bondurant Middle School                   Franklin County         All Hands On Deck
Conner Middle School                       Boone County            Know Bulling?
Crittenden County Middle School        Crittenden County      Common Core Videography
Emmalena Elementary School            Knott County             Trash or Treasure?
Henry County Middle School               Henry County            Bringing Your Own Device
Lone Oak Middle SCHOOL                  McCracken County      Project M-Storm
Monroe County Middle School             Monroe County          What Are You Cooking Russellville Junior/Senior High School                  Russellville Indep.     Panther Football LIVE!
South Warren Middle School              Warren County          Spartans Can't Be Caged
Warren East Middle School                Warren County          Cyber Bullying
Bryan Station High School                 Fayette County          MIB
Bullitt East High School                    Bullitt County            Downtown, Then & Now
Daviess County High School               Daviess County         Multimedia: Tips and Tricks
Elkhorn Crossing School                    Scott County             Think Before You Post-It
Fairview High School                        Fairview Independent iBooks in Espanol
Fleming County High School              Fleming County          Cyber Safety
Hazard High School                          Hazard Independent   "Inside the Halls"
John Hardin High School                   Hardin County            JHHS Focusing on Community
Martha Layne Collins High School       Shelby County           Curosity Camp
Mason County High School                Mason County            1-to-1: From The Ground Up
Montgomery County High School        Montgomery County    Hydrogen Fuel Cells
South Floyd High School                   Floyd County              It Can Wait
Todd County Central High School       Todd County              Modern Media
Woodford County High School           Woodford County        BrowseRight