STLP Resources

Published: 7/15/2013 12:29 PM


​These resources will help the school coordinators begin and maintain an active STLP.  Many districts schedule meetings with all the school coordinators. Some districts have one contact person within the district to help coordinate district STLP events. The resources below will help a coordinator of STLP.


STLP Web Site
Google STLP and look for the Kentucky Department of Education STLP site.
The handbook is below for downloading. It can answer many questions about starting and maintaining a program.
Join the listserv to learn from other coordinators and be updated on STLP events and opportunities.
STLP Twitter by Susan Jenkins
You can follow @STLPKentucky on Twitter by visiting our profile at:!/STLPKentucky.
Follow the updates and share what you are doing in your schools with STLP.
Student Technology Standards
STLP projects, services and products tie directly to ISTE NETS for Students ; 21st Century Skills ( and the Kentucky Department of Education, Technology Program of Studies (TE POS)
Visits to the District
Schedule a district visit or phone call  by contacting Jeff Sebulsky at: 502.564.2020 x 2236
Student Demonstrations of Technology
STLP offers many ways in which students can demonstrate technology skills. A student can demonstrate at school and community events; school board meetings; at showcases; State STLP Championship; and other state and national conferences.
Digital Citizenship
Digital: Literacy; Communications; Access; Security; Etiquette; Rights & Responsibilities; Health & Wellness; Law; Commerce
ISBM: 978-1-56484-232-9 Mike Ribble & Gerald Bailey 2007
Adults at schools, district offices, community, university and public agencies can mentor STLP students.
Human Resources
These persons can help your school's STLP. They may offer ideas for projects; advise, teach or assist the STLP school.
District Technology Coordinator (DTC/CIO)
District Technical Staff
Central Office Staff
District or School Technology Integration Specialist (TIS)
Library Media Specialist (LMS)
Fellow Teachers
Community Persons
Friends of STLP
STLP State Advisory Council
University Partners
Colleges across Kentucky are great partners to STLP. Many of the universities provide post secondary opportunity at showcase and the state event. Present supporting universities: Eastern Kentucky, Georgetown, Kentucky State, Morehead State, Murray State, Northern Kentucky, University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, Western Kentucky.
These colleges who have supported STLP in the past: Thomas More, Lindsey Wilson, and Hazard Community College.
KETS Business Partners
KETS business partners are advocates of technology integration and offer added value to the statewide championship.
Community Partners
Heritage Council, Kentucky Department of Travel, KySTE, KET, Kentucky Virtual Library, Kentucky Virtual Learning (KVL), Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation (KSTC), The Center for Rural Development, and the Eastern Kentucky Exposition Center (EXPO) all support STLP.
Learning Partners
ThinkQuest; Explorium of Lexington; Kentucky Dataseam Initiative; the Kentucky Army National Guard, and others support learning experiences for STLP.
Membership 2012-2013
Adults and students from schools, district offices, community and university agencies sit on the council. The council usually meets once a year face to face and communicates via email or web casts when needed.

Far Western Kentucky
Kay Harrison, District STLP, Christian County
Nina Whitney, CIO, Lyon County
Western Kentucky
Chad Alward, Daviess County
Marilyn Crow, Retired
Benny Lile, CIO, Barren County
Belinda Stark, John Hardin High School
Valerie Stokes, TIS, Barren County
Sherry Wheeler, Retired
Jefferson County
Pam Caudill, Jefferson County
Jana Hickey, Jefferson County
Sharis Lattimore, Jefferson County
Pat Meurer, District STLP, Jefferson County
Diana Sterling, Jefferson County
Northern Kentucky
Dennis Daniel, Retired
Kim Dawson, CIO, Eminence Independent
Vicki Fields, CIO, Kenton County
Cindy Joann, CIO, Carroll County
Angie White, CIO, Gallatin County
Central Kentucky
Julie Gaskin, District STLP, Fayette County
Diane Goodwin, OVEC
Debbie Goldy, District STLP, Montgomery County
Jansje Huyck, Retired
Mary Ruth Hogan, Lebanon MS, Marion County
Jenniefr Russell, Lebanon MS, Marion County
Southeastern Kentucky
Linda Beal, Retired
Dr. Mike Crowhurst, Pulaski County
Melinda Dolen, Madison Southern High School
Rhonda Thompson, CIO, Jackson County
Northeastern Kentucky
Lareina Bierley, Mason County Intermediate School
Cynde Elkins, Ashland Independent
David Lucas, Fleming County
Sheila Meade, LMS, Ashland Independent
Cary Williams, TIS, Ashland Independent
Far Eastern Kentucky
Neil Arnett, Pikeville Indepenednt
Lynda Congleton, TIS, Lee County
Patty Johnson, District STLP/TIS, Pike County
Greg Moore, Adams Middle School, Floyd County
Cheryl Slater, Retired
Business and Community
Sharon Fields, Ashland, KEDC
Gary Grant, KySTE
Kenny Franks, Google
University/ Kentucky Department of Education (KDE)
Dr. Megan Downing, Northern Kentucky University
Bob Fortney, Retired
Carole Frakes, TSA, Career and Technical Education
Elaine Harrison Lane, STLP Coordinator
Sarah Mann, Northern Kentukcy University
Dr. Andrea Peach, Georgetown College
Steve Swan, University of Louisville

1.  STLP Handbook 2012-2013
The handbook guides schools in planning.
Content of the handbook:
Dates and Deadlines
Judge Certification
Fall Showcase
Winter Virtual Judging
State Championship
Recognition of the Program
Nomination Awards

2. STLP Research Report
The STLP Research Report can offer some insight into the difference STLP makes in a school.  Read the summary of the July 2002 research report conducted by the Appalachian Technology in Education Consortium.
3. STLP Logo
Permission is given for the official STLP logo to be used by all State recognized STLP schools.
The logo is used on materials a school produces in the name of STLP. The logo can be used on T-shirts, lapel pins, web sites, awards or any product a school wishes to produce. The logo lapel pin can be ordered. This logo can be used by all recognized STLP schools. The logo download below is web quality.

4. Permission to Attend
Schools may use this shell to personalize the permission slip for students to attend STLP events. Permission slips are kept by the teacher as they attend events.
5. Press Release
Schools may use this shell to alert media in their community about STLP events.
6. Certficate
Use this certificate format for recognizing your STLP Students