Architectural Standards and Categories

Published: 9/28/2015 9:03 AM

The technology standards are divided into three categories:


Draft – This list consists of standards that are currently being drafted reviewed, and pending approval.
Approved  – This list contains those standards that have been approved by the Architectural Standards Committee and KIDS leadership.
KIDS Internal - This list contains those KIDS internal standards that have been reviewed by the Architectural Standards Committee and approved by KIDS leadership.



Architectural Standards are classified in 3 primary categories.  These categories help define the expectations established for the standard.


Standard recommendations are categorized as follows:
1.  Technical Standard - KDE provides technical specification recommendations that are not tied to a product.  Spec can aid in product selection or as a guideline for system design.  Standard documentation specifies whether it is considered voluntary or required.  There can also be provisions for grandfathering in existing systems if appropriate.
2.  Product Standard - KDE contract driven for a specific solution.  Product selection may have more than one solution but is limited to items on contract.
3.  Guidelines – Fall into two categories

a.  Operational Guidance on how to most effectively utilize existing Product Standard
b.  Technical Guidance may be required where a 3rd party product has been purchased and lays on top of a Product Standard (i.e.: Exchange 2006, Proxy 2.0)

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