Standards Request

Published: 10/17/2012 11:13 AM

To request that a standard be developed, a request must be submitted to the Architectural Standards Committee.​

How to submit Standard Request:
A Standard request must be completed and submitted to your region’s ASC representative (each region is represented on the Architectural Standards Committee) and the ASC chairperson.  The request will be evaluated by the ASC, Regional Customer Service Managers (CRMs), and OET to determine if there is general agreement on the need for the standard.  Once the request is reviewed and accepted a Standard Draft is created and routed through the Standards Management Lifecycle process.
When the standard draft has been developed by the Architectural Standards Committee it is posted to the KDE website as pending until KIDS approval is received.  Comments from district representatives are encouraged throughout this process.
When this process is complete a notice will be sent out via communications internally within KIDS and by the CRMs to local districts. A copy of the final standards documents will be posted on the ASC website in Microsoft Word and the Adobe PDF format
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