KETS Technology Environment and Standards

Published: 3/25/2015 4:36 PM

For more information about the KETS Technical Environment click here.

The KETS technology standards found below have been approved by KDE with the input of the Architectural Standards Committee (ASC).

For technologies where no KETS standards are in place, best practice documents and/or reference to the current state standard administered by the Commonwealth Office of Technology are outlined.

KETS Technology Standards​

Districts are required by 701 KAR 5:110 to procure only those technologies that meet KETS standards, if a standard for that category has been established, regardless of source of funds.


Instructional Devices - includes workstations, laptops, tablets and netbooks.

Laser Printer - includes monochrome, color and multi-function laser printers. 
ASC Printer Standards.pdfASC Printer Standards.pdf
Server and Storage  
Web Proxy/Content Caching

 ISA 2006 Standard.pdfISA 2006 Standard.pdf
Wireless Local Area Network

 ASC Wireless LAN Standard.pdfASC Wireless LAN Standard.pdf
KIDS Private IP Numbering Standard
- (For a copy of this standard please contact the KETS Service Desk.)


State Technology Standards​

Video Conferencing (COT Standard) - *Refer to the COT Standards for Video Conferencing 

Best Practice Documents 

Interactive Whiteboard

VPN Remote Access to KETS Network
How to extend the District's Safe Computing Environment to Remote Sites


KDE Technology Standards 

KDE internal technology standards are not required for use local school districts

Managed Server Naming

ISO Naming

 Survey Tool

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