Calendar and Due Dates

Published: 8/28/2014 11:32 AM

There are many responsibilites for a Director of Transportation.This calendar includes events and due dates that Pupil Transportation Directors can use year-round.​


Pupil Transportation Calendar​

SEEK Transportation Funding and Forms​

As Needed During the Year 

Bus Incidents​-Add as they occur to the online database

CDL Annual Physical-Prior to expiration to the KYTC​
Bus Driver Database-Update medical and license Information

School Year School Bus Safety Training- throughout the school year for all grades
First Semester Bus evacuation #2- before the end of semester
Second Semester Bus evacuation #4-second semester before the end of school

Summer Bus Driver 8 Hour Update – After last day of School and before 1st day back

Driver Trainers New Driver Trainer Instructor workshops- spring break and summer
6 Hour Updates for returning Driver Trainer​s

New Drivers Driver Review 1 – within 5 days of completion of core curriculum instruction
Driver Review 2 – 20-30 days after Driver Review 1
Driver Review 2 – 3-6 months after Driver Review 2

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