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Published: 8/12/2014 1:56 PM
State and Federal Laws and Regulations Relating to Pupil Transportation
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KY Public School District Records Retention Schedule (pp. 128-131)

KY Standard School Bus Endorsement


Kentucky State Laws
KRS 156.152 - Price Contract Agreement for Purchase of School Buses
KRS 156.153 - Definitions of "school bus" Based on KY Specifications
KRS 156.154 - Price Contract Agreements and Purchase Conditions
KRS 156.160- KBE Required to Promulgate Regulations for Pupil Transport to and from School
KRS 157.370 - Formula for Costs of Transportation Reimbursement
KRS 158.110 - Board to Provide Transportation for Pupils
KRS 158.115 - Supplementation of School Bus Transportation to County out of General Funds
Kentucky Board of Education Regulations
702 KAR 5:010 Pupil transportation: technical assistance and monitoring
702 KAR 5:020 Program cost calculation
702 KAR 5:030 Pupil transportation and documents incorported by reference:
Pupil Management Manual 1998 - Part 1
Pupil Management Manual 1998 - Part 2
Driver Trainer Instructor's Manual 1995
702 KAR 5:060 Buses; specifications and purchases
702 KAR 5:080 Bus drivers' qualifications, responsibilities, and training
702 KAR 5:100 Handicapped, reimbursement for
702 KAR 5:110 Vocational pupils, reimbursement for
702 KAR 5:120 Blind and deaf pupils, reimbursement for
702 KAR 5:130 Vehicles designed to carry nine (9) passengers or less, standards for
702 KAR 5:150 Transportation of preschool children
Federal Regulations
CFR Title 49 > Subtitle B > Chapter III > Part 382
(Includes Parts 382.101 - 382.605)
The purpose of this part is to establish programs designed to help prevent accidents and injuries resulting from the misuse of alcohol or use of controlled substances by drivers of commercial motor vehicles.
CFR Title 49 Part 391
(Includes Parts 391.1 - 391.69)
The purpose of this part is to establish qualifications for drivers and driver instructors.


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