Elementary to Middle: Spring/Summer Prior to Transition

Published: 4/9/2013 1:45 PM
Schools that pay attention to transition and have an intentional transition plan see more success in increasing achievement and reducing retentions. Having an effective transition program contributes to developing a positive learning environment. Both sending and receiving schools need to work collaboratively with each other, and with families to provide ongoing support for students as they experience the transition to the middle grades.
“It is during the middle grades that students either launch toward achievement and attainment, or slide off track toward a direction of frustration, failure, and ultimately early exit from the only secure path to adult success.”  (Balfanz, R. 2007) 
For the purposes of this toolkit, parents and/or families means natural, adoptive or foster parents; close relatives; legal or educational guardians; and/or community or agency advocates.
Activities for Students
  • Getting to Know You
  • Introducing the ILP
  • Meeting Them on Their Own Terms
  • Lock-In
  • Jump Start 
  • Transition Camp
  • Write-On            
Activities for Parents/Families
  • Understanding My Child’s Growing Intellect
  • Connecting to Content
  • What Can I Do About School Bullying
  • How Can I Support My Child's Emotional Development
  • How Can I Support My Child's Social Development
  • How Can I Help My Child Move from Childhood to  Adolescence
Activities for Students and Families Together
  • Success Journeys
  • School Expo
  • Summer Picnic
  • Family Reading Nights  
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