Toolkit for Teachers: Connecting Content and the ILP

Published: 4/21/2017 10:43 AM

According to research completed by the Alliance for Excellent Education, only 16% of Kentucky’s graduating class was prepared for college-level work in college (in all four content areas of Mathematics, Reading, English and Science). Even more disturbing is the fact that in this same research, it was determined that nearly 16,200 students did not graduate in 2012, a fact that equates to a $4.2 billion dollar lifetime earning loss for that class of students. College and Career Readiness, or the lack thereof, is not just an issue for students; it has an impact on communities being able to attract new jobs and businesses being able to hire qualified employees.  The process of advising students is a shared responsibility that can have a significant impact on transition to postsecondary. 

Teachers have a long tradition of helping students and are uniquely poised to lead, guide and direct students in setting and reaching goals. Day to day contact with students lends several opportunities for teachers to share college and career readiness dialogue that assists students in focusing on their futures.

When teachers utilize the resources in the Individual Learning Plan (ILP) during classroom instruction, students can see the relevance of the content as it relates to their plans for life after high school. The benefits of incorporating the ILP into classroom instruction are:
  • students see a more direct connection between their classes and future goals
  • personalized learning for each student results in greater engagement
  • students are motivated to take the steps necessary to reach goals by focusing on the coursework that will lead them to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for a selected career
  • teachers see a direct correlation between the content they are teaching and the students’ goals for college and/or the workforce


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