ILP Alternative Completion

Published: 2/3/2017 3:06 PM
Completion of an ILP is required by regulation by the Kentucky Department of Education. Completion data will be collected at the state level through this web-enabled ILP system. Students must complete the web-enabled ILP (or a paper version) every year unless the ARC determines it is not appropriate for individual students to complete. The Alternative ILP Completion option allows teachers and advisors to indicate which students at their school are fulfilling the ILP requirement through alternative means. It is important to note that even if the alternative completion option is selected the student can and should still use all of the resources in the ILP for transition planning.
Follow this link for more information regarding Alternative Completion.

Purposes for Alternative Completion
  • Exceptional Education Student – The student has exceptionalities that prohibit them from completing some or all components of the web-enabled ILP. The student’s ARC made the documented decision what was appropriate for student to complete.
  • Non-Traditional Student – The student is in facility or location without internet access. Student has an alternative form of plan on file with their home school.

Please note that it is the schools responsibility to ensure Minimum High School Graduation Requirements (704 KAR 3:305) are met, even if student is marked with an alternative completion status.

How do I record Alternative ILP Completion?
  1. To identify a student as having Alternative ILP Completion, select "Alternative Completion" from the View/Action dropdown on the Student List.
  2. Please read through the About Alternative ILP Completion information and click OK to proceed.
  3. Select the Status checkbox and the Reason from the dropdown.
  4. Please record any relevant comments regarding the students' status in the Comments section.
  5. Once you have entered the details for the student click on the Save button.
What reports are available?
Alternative ILP Completion Status can be tracked through a variety of aggregate reports:
  • ILP Completion Status Snapshot - This report provides an overview of ILP completion at the school by grade, including Alternative Completion.
  • ILP Completion Status by Student - This report is organized by student and shows you which components each student has completed. The ILP Completion Status by Student report can be exported in Excel or in text format.
  • Alternative ILP Completion Statistics - This report provides summary and detailed data on Alternative ILP Completion at the school. The summary report groups students by grade level and reason for Alternative ILP Completion. Users can view the list of students in each category as well as the Alternative ILP Completion Details for each student.
What Do Students and Parents/Guardians See?
When a student or parent/guardian of a student with Alternative ILP Completion logs in, they will see that the ILP Completion Status Bar shows 100% complete. Students and parents/guardians can view the Alternative ILP Completion Details by clicking on the "View Details" link in the ILP Completion Status Bar throughout the ILP.

Kentucky Legislation and the ILP

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