ILP Invite Others Option

Published: 11/24/2015 10:00 AM

​Students in grades 9 through 12 have the option of inviting others to view selected sections of their ILP. This feature can be used to share the ILP with college admissions officers, organizations offering scholarships, and potential employers, or for remote assistance for an ELL student.

The invitee receives an email invitation with a web link and a personal password that is active for 14 days. The recipient clicks on the link and enters his or her password to view a printer-friendly version of the student’s ILP. The recipient can enter comments about the ILP which the student and parents can see.
Parents or guardians of students may choose to have this feature disabled for their child. The school is responsible for informing parents that this option is in the ILP. If a parent chooses to opt-out of the option for their student, the school needs to disable the option for that student. A sample FERPA notice can be downloaded.  It can be used to inform parents or to help the school craft the notice to inform parents.
To disable this feature, the ILP administrator should follow the directions on the  Invite Others document download. Unless the school disables this function, it will show up on each student’s ILP homepage. FERPA notices will need to reach the parents before this time, to allow the school to disable this feature for any student. If this time frame is not feasible, the ILP administrator for the school can disable an entire grade level, until there is time to inform the parents. Then the feature can be enabled, and it can be disabled only for those whose parents opt-out.
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