For Parents

Published: 1/24/2017 1:58 PM

Parents play a vital role in their student becoming college/career ready. Below you will find resources that further explain college/career readiness and how you can be a support.


First, if you have an 8th- or 10th-grade student, please encourage their participation in Operation Preparation.


If you have a middle or high school student, help them in the development of their Individual Learning Plan -- an online tool designed to allow students to explore careers, track coursework and activities, and search for postsecondary options. It is mandatory for students in 6-12 grade and parents are required to sign off on a student’s Individual Learning Plan each year. Login credentials are available from the child’s school.

Parents should also consider becoming a community advisor for Operation Preparation. You could make the difference in the life of child – your own AND another! Contact your school/district office to sign up.





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