KSI/RTI Resources for Middle School English/Language Arts for HB 69

Published: 9/9/2013 1:40 PM

ELA Intervention Resources for Middle School

HB 69 (704 KAR 3:095), which was signed into legislation in 2012, was an act relating to early academic intervention, specifically focusing on Kindergarten through grade three. Below you will find intervention resources for English/language arts to use with middle school students.

​Book Resources

  • Assessing Writers by Carl Anderson - It “offers smart, ready-to-use ideas for assessment” including “what you need to know about students to assess them as writers, how to uncover and make sense of this information, how to make an individualized plan for each student, how to use the plans when you confer and how to structure units of study to meet classroom-wide needs.”
  • Pre-Referral Intervention Manual (3rd edition): The Most Common Learning and Behavior Problems Encountered in the Educational Environment by Stephen B. McCarney. Hawthorne Educational Services, Inc. - This book provides a wealth of intervention ideas based on the learning/behavior concerns for improvement. The table of contents organizes the student learning/behavior and provides twenty-six strategies to try with the student to assist with that specific learning/behavior. 

Web Based Resources

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